‘The Trapped 13: How We Survived the Thai Cave’

The Trapped 13: How We Survived the Thai Cave is a Thai produced documentary chronicling how the survivors of the renowned and tragic incident in which a junior soccer team and their coach were trapped in one of the world’s most intricate cave systems for several days. It is directed by. It is directed by Pailin Wedel.

Not long ago we saw the movie based on this case, ‘Thirteen Lives‘ directed by Ron Howard.

We are now offered the documentary on the events and how they unfolded, which includes interviews with the young protagonists of this agonizing and prolonged incident, who relay how they endured those days.

This is the definitive documentary if you are curious to learn more about this case. It is the reality of what they lived through and the circumstances surrounding them.

As a documentary it is incisive, and yet also gives us impressive takes of the beautiful Thai landscapes. On a human level, not only does it count on the interviews with the survivors, but also with their relatives, and we are given the first hand accounts of their emotions and thoughts during that difficult time.

There are no dramatizations, some archive footage, as the core of this documentary are the accounts of the interviewees.

Release Date

October 5, 2022.

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