Ancient Apocalypse
Ancient Apocalypse

‘Ancient Apocalypse’ – Documentary Series on Netflix – Eight Episodes of Hypothesis

Ancient Apocalypse is a Netflix doc series featuring Graham Hancock‘s searches for evidence of past evolved civilizations, going as far back as the last Ice Age.

It offers us eight episodes, with the sporadic appearances by Joe Rogan, and a score that is meant to increase the engagement of the audience, given that good old dry archeology might lead the viewers to fall asleep.

About the Series

Based on his hypothesis that there might have been an evolved civilization during the Ice Age (ca. 13,000 years ago), Graham Hancock ventures to various locations around the world to investigate archeological sites. He takes us to Indonesia, Mexico, Malta, the Bahamas (in search of Atlantis), Turkey, Poverty Point in Louisiana (US), Cappadocia (Turkey), and Washington.

The series is narrated by Hancock himself. In the ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ series expect a fast tempo score that evokes the mysterious, suspenseful feel, and then the feeling of an imminent unveiling thanks to the violin (or synthesizer) crescendos. Something is always just about to be discovered. A very effective way of keeping the audience’s attention, lest they fall asleep. Given the number of episodes in this series, it might not be a binge watching number if one has high blood pressure issues – due to the stressful score.

List of Episodes

  1. Once There Was a Flood
  2. Stranger in a Time of Chaos
  3. Sirius Rising
  4. Ghosts of a Drowned World
  5. Legacy of the Sages
  6. America’s Lost Civilization
  7. A Fatal Winter
  8. Cataclysm and Rebirth

Release Date

November 11, 2022

Where to Watch Ancient Apocalypse


Ancient Apocalypse
Ancient Apocalypse

Name: Ancient Apocalypse

Description: Ancient Apocalypse is a Netflix documentary in which journalist Graham Hancock searches for evidence of the existence of evolved civilizations in the past that disappeared, going back to the last Ice Age.

Author: Veronica Loop

Our Opinion

A documentary about archeology with an upbeat and stressful score. There is a constant sense of imminence that something groundbreaking is just about to be revealed, and then….
Do not expect an incisive archeological take. It is a surface run through of some of the possible places on earth where there might have been evolved civilizations.

User Review
3.52 (44 votes)

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