Mandrake (2022)

Mandrake (2022) – Horror Movie – Review: Understated and Strangely Engaging

Mandrake is a horror movie directed by Lynne Davison starring Deirdre Mullins.

A strange movie that has the peculiar ability of getting under one’s skin.


Cathy Madden is a probation officer, and is assigned the task of rehabilitating an infamous murderer “Bloody Mary” Mary Laidlaw, to assist her integrate into society following decades of incarceration.

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Mandrake (2022)

Movie Review

A movie that requires you are willing to enter. I will explain. It is not a movie that wins you over from the start, nor is it enthralling, and nice. It is a movie as damp as the landscape it is set in, a landscape that takes center-stage and configures everything, from the story to its characters and the plot.

‘Mandrake’ is not a movie that excels in photography, with elegant takes, and elaborate scenery. It is a more visceral movie that still manages to create suspense from that damp cold that gets under your skin.

It develops slowly and the story takes some time to take form, but it does come around – at its own pace. There is little delving into giving explanations of any sort, not even in the end (which is in fact the best part of the feature, by the way) as it seems the screenwriters preferred to let the plot be something of a mystery with that “magical” groove that one would find in a forest.

Our Opinion

‘Mandrake’ is a different, understated and strangely engaging horror movie.


Deirdre Mullins / Cathy Madden

Paul Kennedy / Jason Reid

Seamus O’Hara / Thomas

Nigel O’Neill / Bill Rosewater

Ian Beattie / Massey

Roisin Gallagher / Grace

Derbhle Crotty / Mary Laidlaw

Jude Hill / Luke

Paul Mallon / Nathan McGrath

Jonny Everett / Shawn Duggan

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Mandrake (2022)

Movie title: Mandrake

Movie description: A probation officer, Cathy Madden, is tasked with rehabilitating a notorious killer named 'Bloody' Mary Laidlaw back into society following a two-decade sentence.

Date published: November 11, 2022

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 85 mins

Author: Veronica Loop

Director(s): Lynne Davison

Actor(s): Deirdre Mullins, Derbhle Crotty, Paul Kennedy, Seamus O'Hara, Nigel O'Neill, Ian Beattie, Jude Hill, Paul Mallon

Genre: Horror

Our Opinion

‘Mandrake’ is a different, understated and strangely engaging horror movie.


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