‘Smile’ (2022) – Movie Review: Contemporary

Smile is a horror movie written and directed by Parker Finn, starring Sosie Bacon.

Things are topsy turvy, and trauma is contagious in this film.


Dr. Rose Cotter witnesses a grotesque, traumatic incident involving a patient, and starts experiencing frightening occurrences. As an overwhelming terror begins taking over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality.

Smile (2022)

Movie Review

A well directed movie that is not outstanding, though it does manage to scare. It is very contemporary in style, and it sustains the eerie feeling angst with its rhythm, giving us a few scares here and there.

‘Smile’ is developed as a suspenseful horror feature that creeps in placid dark waters with the ever looming evil, as the protagonist is in perpetual torment following a traumatic event.

Smile (2022)

Everything is upside down, not only in the photography in a number of scenes where everything is turned on its head, but also that the lead character is a psychiatrist who is in mental anguish, and the smiles that are in fact a manifestation of evil. The formula is not new, neither the story nor the execution of the film with its juxtapositions. It is nevertheless a well constructed film that carries the narrative coherently, and is an intelligent directorial display.

Technically it is good, although the special effects, the few used in the movie, are a bit over the top, and perhaps could have done with more subtlety. It was the photography that was most interesting, the topsy turvy takes, and the symmetry in others.

Sosie Bacon delivers a good performance throughout the feature bringing into relief the development, or devolution rather, of her character.

Our Opinion

A “comfortable horror” movie that is well produced, but is not outstanding. It does manage to give some suspense and a few well timed scares, hence not disappointing us, but it does not have us raving in amazement either.


Parker Finn


Sosie Bacon / Dr. Rose Cotter

Kyle Gallner / Joel

Caitlin Stasey / Laura Weaver

Jessie T. Usher / Trevor

Rob Morgan / Robert Talley

Kal Penn / Dr. Morgan Desai

Robin Weigert / Dr. Madeline Northcott

Judy Reyes / Victoria Munoz

Gillian Zinser / Holly

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