Somebody (2022)

Somebody – A Sci-Fi Thriller Series on Netflix

Somebody is a 2022 thriller series created by Jung Ji-woo and Han Ji Wan starring Kim Young-kwang and Kang Hae-lim. With Kim Yong-ji and Kim Su-yeon.

Killer chatbots and dating apps. In eight episodes ‘Somebody’ taps into our deepest fears concerning AI. It is dubbed in English.


A masterful software developer and her pals find themselves entangled in a murder case which is in some way linked to the dating app, Somebody, she designed. The situation is further complicated when a mysterious man shows up.


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Episode List of ‘Somebody’

  1. Years after building a unique AI chatbot, Kim Sum uses technology to create Somebody, a dating app built to connect – and linked to multiple crimes.
  2. Seong Yun-o makes a pitch at work, then makes a new app connection. Sum reaches out to Yun-o after their unusual encounter. Murderous activity escalates.
  3. After Yeong Gi-eun experiences a nightmarish Somebody date. she and Lim Mok-won reach out to Sum to ask her for help in finding the man responsible.
  4. Afters days of radio silence, Sum finally hears back from Yun-o. When Sum tries to meet another app connection, things quickly turn violent.
  5. Sum and Yun-o take their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Giéun goes to the CEO of Spectrum to ask fro access to her personal chat history.
  6. Gi-eun confronts her catfish on Somebody, and soon finds herself in danger again. Mok-won performs a ceremony to ward off evil spirits for Sum.
  7. Mok-won and Gi-eun need to blow off some steam, so they take Sum along a night club. Later, Mok-won tries to get Sum to face the truth about Yun-o.
  8. With the walls closing in and threats escalating, Yun-o begins receiving deeply disturbing video chat requests on Somebody.

Release Date

November 18, 2022

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Jung Ji-woo

Jung Ji-woo


Kim Young-kwang / Sung Yun-oh

Kang Hae-lim / Kim Seom

Kim Yong-ji / Im Mok-won

Kim Su-yeon / Young Gi-eun

Lee Ki-chan

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Somebody (2022)

Name: Somebody

Description: A software developer and her friends become entangled in a murder case involving her dating app and a mysterious man who seems to be hiding something.

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