‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Original Score Soundtrack Set To Release December 20

Avatar: The Way Of Water original Score Soundtrack

December 15, 2022 (Toronto, ON) – Hollywood Records/Universal Music Canada is excited to announce the release of Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) now available on all streaming platforms (LISTEN HERE). Featuring music by GRAMMY® Award-winning composer Simon Franglen, the 22-track soundtrack also exclusively includes the original song “Nothing is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” written and performed by The Weeknd, and produced by Swedish House Mafia along with Simon Franglen. Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) will also be available on vinyl in early 2023, pre-order link HERE.

Additionally, Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Score) will release Tuesday, December 20th and will include 11 additional score cues from the film not available on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Franglen, who worked with composer James Horner on the original Avatar film, picked up where Horner left off following his tragic death in 2015, spending a large portion of the last three years composing the three-hour score to Avatar: The Way of Water, traveling to New Zealand to collaborate with James Cameron. Franglen was also responsible for the production and further composition of the music throughout “Pandora–The World of Avatar,” which opened at Walt Disney World in Florida in May 2017 and is working on the next Avatar sequel to be released in 2024.

Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklisting:

  1. Nothing is Lost (You Give Me Strength) – Performed by The Weeknd
  2. Into The Water
  3. Happiness Is Simple
  4. A New Star
  5. Converging Paths
  6. Rescue and Loss
  7. Family is Our Fortress
  8. Hometree
  9. The Way of Water
  10. Payakan
  11. Mighty Eywa
  12. Friends
  13. Cove of The Ancestors
  14. The Tulkun Return
  15. The Hunt
  16. Na’vi Attack
  17. Eclipse
  18. Bad Parents
  19. Knife Fight
  20. From Darkness to Light
  21. The Spirit Tree
  22. The Songcord – Performed by Zoë Saldana

Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Score) Tracklisting – RELEASES DECEMBER 20:

  1. Hometree
  2. Songcord Opening
  3. Happiness Is Simple
  4. A New Star
  5. Train Attack
  6. Masks Off
  7. Converging Paths
  8. Rescue and Loss
  9. Family Is Our Fortress
  10. Sanctuary
  11. Into the Water
  12. Training Montage
  13. The Way of Water
  14. Where the Men Hunt
  15. Payakan
  16. Mighty Eywa
  17. Friends
  18. Cove of the Ancestors
  19. The Tulkun Return
  20. The Hunt
  21. Kids in Peril
  22. Na’vi Attack
  23. A Farewell to Arm
  24. Eclipse
  25. Bad Parents
  26. Knife Fight
  27. World Upside Down
  28. From Darkness to Light
  29. Family
  30. Songcord Chapter
  31. The Spirit Tree
  32. The Songcord – Performed by Zoë Saldana


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  1. When is going to be the Official Soundtack on CD physical media release? And the expanded score on the same physical 2 CD media release? Come on guys! The 2CD’s promo is sellong a lot of copies on ebay! It’s clear thta there’s still interest on the CD format!

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