Callum Innes Tondos
Callum Innes Tondos

Callum Innes Tondos, Exhibition Film – Sean Kelly Gallery

Sean Kelly, New York November 4 – December 17, 2022

Sean Kelly is delighted to present Callum Innes’s exhibition film featuring an interview with the artist. Tondos, his eighth solo exhibition with the gallery, introduces a remarkable new development in his oeuvre. The exhibition presents Innes’s iconic Exposed PaintingsSplit Paintings and Shellac Paintings in an entirely new format. Made on plywood panels, these circular and oval paintings mark a dramatic departure from the artist’s rectangular format and invite a range of new interpretations, both psychologically and formally. The tondos, presented in the main gallery, are accompanied by a group of new works on paper in the front gallery.

“For a work to succeed, it has to have a fragility, and maybe a human fragility. I kind of put the two, in my head, together. I’m fragile, I stand in front of a canvas, I make a canvas. I like a canvas to hit you there, or a work to hit you there. It has to physically and emotionally hit you. But I also like the idea that it’s not myself that puts the fragility into the painting, it needs to somehow gain that fragility.”

– Callum Innes

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