Paola Pivi
Constellations: Global Reflections (CGR). Paola Pivi

Constellations: Global Reflections (CGR)

20 Rotating Sculptures On View November 2022-November 2023

BALI, INDONESIAConstellations: Global Reflections (CGR), a unique, site-specific, public art exhibition featuring twenty-one international, contemporary artists, is on view in three locations on the island of Kura Kura Bali until November 2023. Curated by Lance Fung of Fung Collaboratives, CGR previewed during the B20 (November 13 -14) and G20 (November 15-16) summits the and Tri Hita Karana Forum summit (November 13-18). The exhibition is now open to the public for scheduled visits. There will be a virtual artist talk on December 8 and December 9 with Fung and artists Paola Pivi, Tony Albert, Kota Hirakawa, and Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi. Xu Bing, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Yinka Shonibare CBE, and Kimsooja will share their thoughts through prerecorded messages.  

Dana Awartani
Constellations: Global Reflections (CGR). Dana Awartani

Initiated by Indonesian businesswoman, philanthropist and MoMA International Council member Cherie Nursalim, CGR is sited on Kura Kura, her eco-focused island in the heart of Denpasar, Bali’s capital.

Fung, well known for his public art projects, was invited by Nursalim to curate the exhibition. They were in agreement that the installation should focus on issues of climate change, equity and global cooperation using Bali’s history of textiles, lantern making and Wayang, Indonesian puppet theatre, as unifying concepts.

“Constellations Global Reflections aims to amplify Tri Hita Karana, the Balinese philosophy of life,” said Fung. “Literally translated as “three ways to happiness or harmony, the philosophy encompasses the three most important aspects of life on Bali including God, humans and nature and places these three as a basis for development on Kura Kura with a focus on happiness and sustainability.”

Naledi  Tshegofatso Modupi
Constellations: Global Reflections (CGR). Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi

Fabricated in Bali, the twenty artworks are digitally printed on a textile made from recycled plastic and integrated into 10’ rotating sculpture powered by solar energy. Both visible during the day and at night, these sculptures will take on a quiet, reverent quality and will act as beacons calling people from around the world to come together to see art and discuss ways of creating a better and stronger future.

The diverse and brilliant group of artists in the G20 for Arts exhibition, ranging in age from thirty to ninety, include: Tony Albert (Australia), Arahmaiani (Indonesia), Dana Awartani, (Saudi Arabia),Xu Bing (China), Berkay Bugdan (Turkey), Genevieve Cadieux (Canada), Minerva Cuevas (Mexico), N. S. Harsha  (India), Kota Hirakawa (Japan), Ilya & Emilia Kabakov (Russia/Ukraine),  Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi (South Africa), A.D Pirous (Indonesia), Paola Pivi (Italy),  Liliana Porter (Argentina), Caio Reisewitz (Brazil), Thomas Ruff (Germany), Yinka Shonibare CBE (United Kingdom), Kiki Smith (United States), Kimsooja (South Korea), Ben Vautier (France).

The exhibition may also be viewed virtually at

Tony Albert
Constellations: Global Reflections (CGR). Tony Albert

Exhibition Co-Organizers

United in Diversity (UID)

UID started as a non-profit education forum co-founded in 2003 with MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Indonesia and GT Group Sinar Harapan. UID facilitates tri-sector leaders to create and implement sustainable solutions to the region’s biggest challenges.

Kura Kura Bali

Kura Kura Bali is a 500-hectare canvas nurtured and developed to boldly paint the future island for happiness and investment projects and collaborations in leveraging Bali branding. The Giti Group, founded in the 1930s, is the project developer.

The Tri Hita Karana Forum for Sustainable Development (THK)

Tri Hita Karana Forum is a pre-eminent sustainability collateral event of the G20 jointly organized by the United in Diversity Foundation, the B20, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network with the support of many distinguished partners. 2022 Tri Hita Karana Forum theme is future Knowledge and blended finance to unlock transformative system change solutions to a sustainable and inclusive recovery for Indonesia, the region, and beyond.

About Fung Collaboratives

Working internationally, Fung Collaboratives is an arts organization that curates and realizes small and large public art exhibitions. With a focus on relevant social issues, Fung Collaboratives collaborates with both well-known and emerging artists. The organization’s curatorial approach is inclusive and elliptical often bringing the unexpected to their global audience.

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