Don't Pick Up the Phone
Don't Pick Up the Phone

‘Don’t Pick Up the Phone’ (2022) – Netflix True Crime Documentary Series – Baffling

Nefarious hoax calls that led to a major law suit against the world's biggest fast-food chain

Don’t Pick Up the Phone is a Netflix true crime documentary series brought to us by WAG Entertainment, and directed by Sara Mast.

A very bizarre case that one has to see (or hear about) to believe.

About the Doc Series

This documentary series follows the investigation the case of a hoax caller who somehow managed to convince the managers of various fast-food outlets throughout the U.S. to strip-search, and proceed with sexual acts, on employees. All it required was a phone a call.

No atiendas esa llamada
Don’t Pick Up the Phone

In three episodes we are told this story, and how it escalates to massive court cases – criminal and civil.

The first episode details how this man – claiming to be a police officer – conned restaurant managers to go through with an absolutely ludicrous procedure, and how the employees would comply out of fear of losing their jobs.

The power of persuasion of the caller is surprised the investigators. What PSYOPS tools did he use? What motivated the perpetrator to do this? Did he know the victims? The caller would target small towns across the country.

The alleged perpetrator was caught, leading to a criminal trial that would takes strange turns. Was it David Stewart who had been behind the calls?

The crimes led to a chain of events, ultimately, one of the victims, Louise, sued McDonald’s. This takes the story to another level, as it turns out that the fast-food chain knew of these perverse incidents against a number of their employees. The civil trial re-victimizes Louise who has to relive the trauma she has been through while having to contend with the implications of having confronted the powerhouse corporation.

The documentary includes interviews with a member of the local police department, news anchors who0 covered the story, and some of the victims.

Release Date

December 15, 2022

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List of Episodes

Episode 1

In 2004, horrifying incidents at fast food outlets in Massachusetts and Kentucky lead authorities to uncover a disturbing pattern of abusive hoax calls.

Episode 2

A breakthrough in the investigation sends the detectives to Florida. People who obeyed the caller’s commands face legal and personal consequences.

Episode 3

More than 10 years after the first call, the suspect goes to trial. Their lives changed forever, the survivors seek accountability from their employers.

Don't Pick Up the Phone
Don't Pick Up the Phone

Name: Don't Pick Up the Phone

Description: This docuseries follows the investigation into a hoax caller who talked managers into strip-searching employees at fast food businesses across the US.

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