Meet Cute
Meet Cute (2022)

‘Meet Cute’ (2022) – Rom-Com Movie – Movie Review: It Lives Up to Its Title

Sweet Story, Excellent Photography


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Meet Cute is a romantic comedy starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson. It is directed by Alexandre Lehmann, and the screenplay is written by Noga Pnueli.

Love in a time travel merry-go-round.


A woman has found a way to travel to the past and makes use of it to perfect her date with her potential soulmate.

Meet Cute
Meet Cute (2022)

Movie Review

Has something shifted in Hollywood, bringing about new cinematic styles? That is precisely the question I ask myself having watched ‘Meet Cute’. True to its title, it is a sweet (and I say it without condescension) story that handles its characters with great care and shows the most tender, almost adorable sides of people, and their imperfections. I couldn’t help but think of the recent hit movie ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once‘, which also applies that fantastical element to tell a contemporary human story.

True to the rom-com genre, ‘Meet Cute’ does not accomplish something exceptional, but it still manages to entertain, and has that feel-good element to it that just works – despite what many critics might have said. The story is very contemporary, as is the handling of the characters, the development of these, and their stories, which are unquestionably results of the times we live in.

The two leads work well together, with the really good performance by Kaley Cuoco, in her role as an apparent ingénue, who actually is a woman with wounds to be healed, and Pete Davidson who seems to be at home in this role as her uncomplicated counterpart, and who is unwittingly loyal. They carry the movie well throughout, telling this curious little story of love that has an element of fantasy – the time travel – and ultimately comes full circle with very down to earth truths.

Visually, the movie is captivating, with the colorful takes of the NY skyline, the river, the streets, and its localities, which is thanks to the photography that is consistently artistic throughout the feature creating an ambiance that befits the story.

As a viewing experience this film lives up to its title, and without being a grand number it manages to entertain the spectator and keep them engaged wanting to know how it ends. That in itself is a feat.


Alexandre Lehmann

Alexandre Lehmann


Kaley Cuoco / Sheila

Pete Davidson / Gary

Deborah S. Craig / June

Sierra Fisk / Sandra

Hari Nef / Chai

Kevin Corrigan / Phil the Bartender

Rebecca Schull / Gertrude

Pat Bowie / Ethel

Wesley Holloway / Young Gary

Rock Kohli / Amit

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Meet Cute (2022)
Meet Cute

Movie title: Meet Cute

Movie description: A woman has found a way to travel to the past and makes use of it to perfect her date with her potential soulmate.

Date published: November 30, 2022

Country: United States

Duration: 89 mins

Author: Veronica Loop

Director(s): Alexandre Lehmann

Actor(s): Pete Davidson, Kaley Cuoco, Deborah S. Craig, Sierra Fisk, Daniela Reina, Kirk Kelly, Wesley Holloway, Rock Kohli, Gina Jun

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Our Opinion

A surprising movie that has a peculiar visual style, which befits the story being told – a contemporary love story that counts on a “magical” element, but is ultimately more down to earth than one would have initially thought. 


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