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‘Stuck with You’ (2022) – Romantic Comedy on Netflix

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Stuck with You (Happy Nous Year) is a French movie directed by Frank Bellocq, starring Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche.

A movie that lasts no longer than an hour, bordering a short, which plays at going (slightly) beyond a simple premise, and where focus is placed squarely on the performances by Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche.

A romantic comedy with a quotidian take.

About the Movie

The simplicity of a short based on a classic idea that will definitely not be a blockbuster. If you have grown a bit tired of Avatar over this Christmas season, know that this film is far different to the mega-production: it has two characters who are trapped in an elevator, and end up sharing their stories and reliving them (flashbacks).

Everything rests on the performances, and that is where each must decide if they like it or not, depending on the lunar position in the subconscious of the Goddess of fortune has bestowed on each (on the given day). The movie is casual and minimalist, and the sort that is best watched without great expectations.

Is it amusing? Yes, it is, especially when they parody, and once the characters start to get know each other.

The actors: quotidian in a film that requires the quotidian.

It develops well in its mere hour of duration, and knows how to gain traction in the short period of time.

Note though, that this is another romantic comedy with the differentiation that it knows how to make good use of the French appreciation for the commonplace scenarios, and knows how to profile the characters in a very convincing way in a story that would probably have failed elsewhere.

Our Opinion

The script saves this piece. It could not have been otherwise, but that is a feat in itself.

Release Date

December 28, 2022

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Frank Bellocq

Frank Bellocq


Kev Adams / Gaël

Camille Lellouche / Hannah

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Stuck with You (2022)
Feliz Año Nuestro

Movie title: Happy Nous Year

Movie description: En route to a party, two strangers get stuck in an elevator on New Year's Eve — and find themselves connecting in unexpected ways.

Date published: December 24, 2022

Country: France

Duration: 59 mins

Director(s): Frank Bellocq

Writer(s): Frank Bellocq, Jean-Luc Cano

Actor(s): Kev Adams, Camille Lellouche

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Companies: Netflix

Our Opinion

The script saves this piece. It could not have been otherwise, but that is a feat in itself.


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