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Upsahl Releases Fiery New EP “Sagittarius” – Watch the Music Video for the Track ‘Kickplip’ Now!


 On SagittariusUPSAHL offers listeners an introspective glimpse into her dynamic personality and explores the multifaceted experience of being a Sagittarius. A purveyor of self-love and confidence, UPSAHL’s EP revolves around themes of acceptance, tapping into inner strength, and resilience. Each song on the project taps into a different trait intrinsic to the fire sign.  

The project is accompanied by brief VFX vignettes giving listeners a visual for each song, further immersing them in the world of being a Sagittarius. Each clip illustrates UPSAHL physically transforming into the traits her lyrics allude to with theatrical costumes and dramatically edited backdrops. A highlight off the EP “Toast,” co-written by Tove Lo, takes viewers on a musical journey in the bed of a truck as city lights whirl around her, while focus track “Kickflip” showcases an all-powerful UPSAHL in a regal red gown with a slithering snake growing from it.

Upsahl. Sagittarius
Upsahl. Sagittarius

Sagittarius notably features previously released singles “Into My Body,” a reclamation of confidence set to a syncopated pop beat, and “Antsy” which tackles the sign’s frenetic and intense train of thought. They earned praise from outlets including, V Magazine which said to expect more, “funny anecdotes, brutally honest confessions, and deep, existential revelations from UPSAHL.” See full tracklisting below. 

On the inspiration behind the EP, UPSAHL shares, “If somebody asked me to explain myself at my core as a human being, I would tell them to listen to Sagittarius. This is the first time in my life where I dove fully into myself throughout the writing process, and the songs definitely reflect that self discovery. Each song represents a different part of me that makes me who I am… I crave change, I live for intensity, I’m extremely passionate (sometimes to a fault), I exert power in as many aspects of my life as I can, and I’m unbothered as fuck.” 

She continues, “This EP is about owning all parts of myself, even the not so great ones. I think no matter who you are (or what sign you are), there’s a piece of everyone in these songs. Sagittarius is about letting go of all the outside bullshit and amplifying the simplest parts of who you are. It feels really good to own that. When people listen to this EP, I hope they feel inspired to own every aspect of themselves and scream about it at the top of their lungs, because that’s what I got to do while writing these songs.”  

In just a few short years, UPSAHL has carved out a niche in the songwriting world as she has lent her pen to numerous hits spanning various genres such as Dua Lipa’s GRAMMY Award-winning “Good in Bed,” Madison Beer’s fiery single “BOYSHIT,” and “Happy Endings” with Mike Shinoda and iann dior which went Top 10 at Alt Radio. UPSAHL collaborated with Anne-Marie and Little Mix and co-wrote “Kiss My (Uh Oh)” a Top 10 single in the UK. Most recently, UPSAHL joined forces with GAYLE on her track “e-z,” was featured on the star-studded film Bullet Train soundtrackwith the song “My Time to Shine,” co-wrote three songs on Renee Rapp’s latest EP Everything To Everyone,  and was featured on NGHTMRE’s single “ATMOSPHERE” from debut DRMVRSE. Her latest collaboration with Alan Walker on the single “Shut Up,” which UPSAHL co-wrote and is featured on, steadily climbs various charts around the world. She also recently partnered with video game company Dislyte on a new song “Ritual” and music video for the brand. To date, UPSAHL has amassed over 520 million streams on her music.  

Sagittariusfollows on the heels of UPSAHL’s highly successful debut headline tour, where she sold out venues across the US, and then continued on an expansive international tour, which included Australia, the UK and Europe. 

Stay tuned for more from UPSAHL in 2023. 

Sagittarius EP Tracklist 

1.     Kickflip 

2.     Into My Body 

3.     Skin Crawl 

4.     Antsy 

5.     Toast 

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