Stardust Warriors
Stardust Warriors

Flash Party Launches With Stardust Warriors Update and New Hero

Featuring new season rewards and events, this isn’t a party you’ll want to miss

Flash Party, a platform fighting game developed by XD Inc has officially gone into full launch with the massive  Stardust Warriors update; significantly improving the core gameplay while introducing a new playable hero, a battle royale mode, and plenty of unlockable rewards.

Stardust Warriors presents the perfect opportunity for new players and veterans to throw themselves into the brawling action. Right now, exclusive invitation codes may be generated to be sent to others looking to join the fun. A number of various rewards can be attained through successful invitations, based not only on the number of people invited, but also the cumulative number of games won by the invitees.

More experienced Flash Party players may also indulge in a wave of nostalgia with an exclusive event making a comeback. Between this and daily log-in rewards featuring a colour-changing gift pack after logging-in for 7 consecutive days, there’s plenty of incentive to join the community and dive fist-first into the platform fighting experience. 

Along with new events, Stardust Warriors brings with it fresh heroes, Cookie and Can, overhauled combat mechanics, and a reworked Sticker system to help customise your roster of fighters. Party Royale is also bundled in with this first major update, adding a new winner-takes-all mode that features Flash Party’s biggest map, as well as a new store and a variety of new skins. 

As the 21st hero to enter the game, dynamic duo Cookie and Can are ready for battle. Their unique Quick Charge Attack offers increased range and power that can deliver ruthless KOs to anyone that dares to challenge them. As a highly manoeuvrable hero capable of packing a punch from mid to long-range, this purrfect pairing are likely to become a new favourite for Flash Party players. 

In addition, the Stardust Warriors update features a comprehensive revamp for all heroes. The original hero level has been increased to a max level of 10, with the hero roster now divided up into four categories: All-rounder, Power House, Assaulter and Impeder. Each playable character will have corresponding combat mechanics to further enhance their play, for example strength-type heroes will increase the attack damage according to their current KO value. 

Filling your sticker slots with ordinary Stickers will provide heroes with different ability bonuses, whether that be a weight increase, skill damage increase, movement speed increase, etc. Additionally, utilising Colourful Stickers will give different passive skills to further boost a hero’s active skill effect, making for more diverse hero gameplay. 

Formerly available as a lab-mode only, Party Royale is also officially launching in this version of the game, supporting 10-player battles to further turn up the heat. During a match, players can hunt for treasure chests to obtain items to bolster their strength. Springboards scattered around the map can also be used to catch your opponents unaware in a dastardly sneak attack, ensuring that gameplay retains an element of unpredictability. 

To round things off, Stardust Warriors also offers players a hero store where they may exchange heroes, as well as a brand new series of skins under the theme Tales of Mountains and Seas. 

Flash Party is now officially cross-platform, having landed on Steam and Google Play today. You can check out the official game pages here:

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