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Train Sim World 3

Get ready to master the eXpress! Edinburgh – Glasgow route coming to Train Sim World 3

The latest UK route arrives this month and marks the first piece of content developed for Train Sim World 3 through its Partner Programme, this time courtesy of Rivet Games


KENT, U.K. Nov. – With the new year under way, there’s no sign of stopping the cascade of Add-on releases for Dovetail Games latest iteration of the Train Sim World franchise. With Birmingham Cross-City releasing at the end of the November and Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg a month later, fans of the series will again be treated to the prospect of another full route Add-on in Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow.

Unlike previous Train Sim World 3 releases, Edinburgh – Glasgow comes courtesy of a Scottish-based developer, Rivet Games, part of Train Sim World’s Partner Programme, who previously worked on the popular West Cornwall Local and Island Line Train Sim World Compatible route Add-ons. This route, set not far from their base in Stirling, is their longest to date and covers the busy line between Scotland’s two biggest cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Not only are both cities recreated in fine detail, including that iconic railway vista of the Balmoral Hotel looking gracefully over Edinburgh Waverley Station, but along the line lie a succession of stations familiar to those who regularly use the route. Linlithgow (which featured in a somewhat cryptic tease by Rivet Games just before Christmas), Polmont and Falkirk High are separated by impressive viaducts and though Glasgow has featured in Train Sim World before, through the Cathcart Circle route Add-on, this route sees players arrive at the gloriously renovated Glasgow Queen Street Station, rather than Glasgow Central.

Moving virtual passengers along this inter-city line is ScotRail’s Class 385, dressed with the saltire and national colour of Scotland. These trains were considered a major upgrade for Scotland’s rail services when they were introduced in 2018. More capacity and an 18% increase in energy efficiency have seen these sleek and modern units contribute to cutting as much as 10,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year as well as moving more passengers along the Edinburgh – Glasgow route than ever before. Their inclusion in the route Add-on will be the first time that modern Scottish traction has entered Train Sim World and fans of the previous Cathcart Circle route will no doubt be pleased to see another ScotRail unit making an appearance in game.

Other details along the route include, for the first time in the series, AI controlled trams along Princes Street in Edinburgh and the introduction of a working Train Monitoring System where players can alter the frequency of passenger announcements on their train. Passenger announcements have themselves long been requested by the Train Sim World community and make their debut in this Add-on. Collectibles make an appearance as in all Train Sim World routes and for Edinburgh – Glasgow, these come in the form of haggis plushies and suitcases adorned with bagpipes in addition to the standard route maps and posters that players will have to find. ScotRail’s classic train planters also make another appearance (the first being in Cathcart Circle) but this time as static scenery objects.

Developed by Rivet Games and published by Dovetail Games, Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow Add-on will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on 26th January. The add-on, which requires prior purchase of Train Sim World 3, is available for purchase digitally on Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99.

Train Sim World 3 is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation®Store, and Microsoft Store with a Deluxe Edition available for £49.99/€59.99/$59.99, Standard Edition available for £39.99/€44.99/$49.99 and regional ‘Starter Packs’ each available for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99.

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