Price of Parenting
Price of Parenting (2021)

‘Price of Parenting’ (2021) Movie Review: Relax and Enjoy



Josiane Balasko and Didier Bourdon are the lead characters of this comedy directed by Alexandra Leclère based on a screenplay written by Alexandra Leclère.

This is a really funny comedy in which love is put to the test… for money.

A simple comedy, which is very funny and has that “French” touch that is so comical that we love.

Searching for a good time this week-end? Look no further than “Price of Parenting” for the perfectly funny formula.


Some parents who never get any visits from their busy offspring decide, in order to win them over, to fake winning the lottery.

About the Movie

Funny, no more nor less, but with that very French touch that knows how to make a family comedy that is truly funny.

Intelligent lines in this social comedy that has four very inspired actors delighting in comedy which at some times is a little less elegant but equally funny.

The best part: The lines, the crackpot acting in a comedy that, in its simplicity is refreshing and attractive.

Warning: This is not a film seeking approval from reviewers through subtleties. This is very basic humor, with a staging that is almost a tv comedy and acting that is very television too, with excessive gesticulation, jokes that are evident and daily situations that are simple and obvious.

This is not a film with double entendres nor is there any evolution in the characters: simplicity is the game here and it is successful in entertaining and pleasing with no other intents.

This is a very, very funny movie for spending the afternoon and forgetting about problems, but remembering (ironically) that as offspring sometimes we are rather ungrateful.

Our Opinion

Relax and enjoy straightforward comedy that is simple and effective, the most theatrical with characters that are rather simple and crazy.

This is worthwhile, especially because of the scene with the Ferrari that the good father rents to impress his son.

This isn´t a great film nor will it go down in history, but it is funny enough and silly enough to charm us.


Alexandra Leclère

Alexandra Leclère


Josiane Balasko / Chantal Blanc

Didier Bourdon / Christian Blanc

Marilou Berry / Sandrine Blanc

Cédric Ben Abdallah / Stéphane Blanc

Laurent Stocker
Joséphine de Meaux
Lise Lamétrie
Mustapha Abourachid
Nicolas Ballay

Price of Parenting (2021)
Price of Parenting

Movie title: Mes très chers enfants

Movie description: Chantal y Christian viven en un apacible retiro en los suburbios parisinos. Desde que sus hijos, Sandrine y Stéphane, abandonaron el nido, no se sabe mucho de ellos. Las oportunidades para reunirse en familia son cada vez más escasas… Cuando los hijos anuncian que no vendrán a celebrar la Navidad, Chantal y Christian están hartos. Deciden hacerles creer que les ha toc

Date published: January 28, 2023

Country: France

Duration: 95 mins

Director(s): Alexandra Leclère

Writer(s): Alexandra Leclère

Cinematography: Jean-Marc Fabre

Music: Philippe Rombi

Actor(s): Josiane Balasko, Didier Bourdon, Marilou Berry, Cédric Ben Abdallah, Laurent Stocker, Esteban, Joséphine de Meaux

Genre: Comedy

Companies: France 2 Cinema, OCS, France Télévision, Les Films Du Premier

Our Opinion

Relax and enjoy straightforward comedy that is simple and effective, the most theatrical with characters that are rather simple and crazy.


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