Raw Diet
Raw Diet

‘Raw Diet’, by Del Wills – New Book

Recent release "Raw Diet" from Newman Springs Publishing author Del Wills is a stunning poetry collection that delves deep into the ills of society and reminds readers that "regression cannot win."

NEW YORK, January 5, 2023 (Newswire.com) – Newman Springs Publishing author Del Wills has completed her new book “Raw Diet”: a no-holds-barred poetry collection that speaks to the deep discontent she sees in an ever-declining social fabric. Wills speaks for those who have no voice and for those who are ignored when no one will listen. 

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Wills’s electrifying collection plums the depths of such difficult topics as greed, malfeasance, starvation, isolation, drug dependency, and more. 

Wills writes, “A tribute to the people who live // Through what most of us couldn’t // Begin to swallow each day of their life. // Learning too young, living too fast, and dying slow. // This is a common legacy they’ve had to sow. // Where nothing is promised but a // Hard life and an untimely funeral procession. // Where the old outlive the young // An ugly fact accepted without question.”

Readers who wish to experience this prescient work can purchase “Raw Diet” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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