Represent (2023)
Represent (2023)

‘Represent’ (2023): A Really Funny Political Parody on Netflix.

Represent  (En Place) is a series created by François Uzan and Jean-Pascal Zadi starring Jean-Pascal Zadi, Eric Judor, Benoît Poelvoorde and Fadily Camara. You can watch it on Netflix from January 20.

Represent is the new comedy that brings us to the most comical side of politics in this series which, at the very least, will make you laugh because it views politicians at their most ridiculous.

En Place is a parody with a well created script, characters and well paced, with that “French” touch that at times is so great and knows how to find that exact point of irony and elegance and at the same time, social critique.

This is a very entertaining comedy that is on Netflix and is like a very sharp dart that, under the guise of a comedy, goes straight to the heart of the “problem”, which is dealt with in an intelligent way and offers us funny and very ironic entertainment.

This proposal offers a social vision that knows how to strike a balance between knowing how to tell a story and add that funny touch to it.

This is a very good choice for this Friday with so much… politics in it.

An idealistic educator is inadvertently thrust into the French presidential race.

Release Date

January 20, 2023

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Jean-Pascal Zadi / Stéphane Blé
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Benoît Poelvoorde / Éric Andréï
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Eric Judor / William
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Fadily Camara / Marion Blé

Marina Foïs
Panayotis Pascot
Pierre-Emmanuel Barré
Souad Arsane
Jean-Claude Muaka

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Represent – Episodes

Under Way

Under Way

When his verbal joust with presidential hopeful Éric Andréï goes viral, Stéphane finds himself in the limelight — and reluctantly running for office.

Under Construction

Under Construction

As Éric covertly tries to sabotage his campaign, Stéphane and his newly-formed team dodge old scandals and collect signatures to seal his candidacy.

Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory

Thanks to Mo’s security cameras, Stéphane identifies the arsonists. Later, they head to Corrèze, a rural town unlikely to appreciate team Blé’s vibe.

Under Threat

Under Threat

Éric tries to capitalize on Stéphane’s injury. Yasmine begins to suspect Will has an ulterior motive. Lamine finds himself in hot water.

Live on Air

Live on Air

After the email scandal, Stéphane and Corinne face off in a televised debate — but pointed questions and “surprise guests” dominate the evening.

The Final Hurdle

The Final Hurdle

With election day around the corner and Lamine on the run, Stéphane tries to salvage his marriage and his campaign. Will he succeed?

Represent (2023)
Represent (2023)

Name: En Place

Description: An idealistic educator is inadvertently thrust into the French presidential race.

Seasons: 1

Country: France

Director(s): François Uzan, Jean-Pascal Zadi

Writer(s): François Uzan, Jean-Pascal Zadi

Cinematography: Thomas Brémond

Genre: Comedy, Politics

Actor(s): Jean-Pascal Zadi, Eric Judor, Benoît Poelvoorde, Fadily Camara, Marina Foïs, Fary Brito, Panayotis Pascot

Companies: Netflix

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3.5 (6 votes)

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