HBO series The Last of Us
HBO series The Last of Us explores a post-apocalyptic world

The Greatest Underdog Stories to Stream Right Now

Everybody loves an underdog story, we can all enjoy rooting for the little guy, especially when they come out on top in the end. There are all kinds of different ways that the hero can be disadvantaged. They might be battling against forces much bigger than them, operating in a world that’s not designed for them, or simply not listened to in the same way that others might be. Whatever the reason for their underdog status, it’s how they overcome it that matters. All of these underdog stories tell the fascinating and inspiring stories of what happens when the underdog rises up and succeeds. So, get your popcorn ready, sit back on the sofa and prepare yourself for some feel-good streaming.

Poker Queens (2020) Amazon Prime

Next up is a format that certainly isn’t overdone in the world of underdog storytelling and that’s interviewing a selection of professional poker players. Whilst those who play cards for a living might not strike you as underdogs, when you find out that just 5% of the professional poker-playing world is female, you begin to see why Poker Queens makes such a fascinating prospect. Following along with a handful of the most successful women in poker, seeing the difficulties that they face and the heroic (and sometimes hilarious) ways that they overcome them truly is inspiring television. It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime and well worth investing an hour and twenty minutes in. If after watching you fancy yourself as one of the Poker Queens but don’t have a clue where to start, then getting in a little poker practice online is probably your best bet. You can fit your new hobby in around your current lifestyle and learn the ropes from the comfort of your own home. Those looking for a casino site to use could check out more than one thousand casino reviews at VegasSlotsOnline, each of which features information on the variety of games available and the bonuses that you can make use of.

Matilda The Musical (2022) Netflix

Next up is a Netflix special that anyone who was a Roald Dahl fan growing up is going to love. The original Matilda book and the 1996 film are beloved by many, so when Netflix announced that there’d be a musical version coming to screens in time for Christmas, there were a whole load of people who were extremely excited. Following on from such a classic is always going to be difficult, but director Matthew Warchus has absolutely pulled it off. For those who aren’t familiar with the story, the titular character Matilda has a bit of a tough time growing up. Her family doesn’t understand her incredible intellect and thirst for knowledge, but the head teacher at her school doesn’t much care for her either. The combination of this means that the places where Matilda’s gifts should be celebrated the most become deeply uncomfortable and frustrating places for her. The only respite from this is her kind and nurturing teacher Miss Honey, who she finds not only a mentor in, but an accomplice. We won’t spoil the plot twist for you, but this story of how Matilda rises above her bullies is a feel-good film, one that might just attain classic status.

The Last Of Us (2023) HBO

Finally, though we’re only two episodes into this HBO series, The Last of Us is proving to be too good to take our eyes off. With lengthy episodes that you can really get your teeth stuck into and a taunting release schedule of just one episode per week, this series takes inspiration from the video game of the same title. There are several protagonists in this story, each of whom certainly fits the underdog brief, though Joe is the main character. We follow his journey through a world that has been ravaged by a parasitic fungus, turning those he loved into monsters and stripping any sense of humanity from the world. People fight, bargain and steal to garner the basics that they need and everyone is ruled over with an iron fist. However, Joe has bigger ideas about escaping his encampment and finding the loved ones that he lost. It’s true edge of your seat viewing and an absolute masterpiece, so far.

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