Alexandra Roussopoulos
Alexandra Roussopoulos. Habiter le paysage, 2022 acrylic under glass, 20,7x42 cm Courtesy of the artist and Gandy gallery

Waterscapes: Alexandra Roussopoulos. Gandy Gallery. Online

From 1 February 2023

Gandy gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming online presentation “WATERSCAPES” by Alexandra Roussopoulos.

“With glass, you have to give up the idea of mastery. Unlike painting on canvas, you don’t paint directly on the support, you paint on its reverse side: your first layer is the one that will be seen first, so you have to start with the details and finish with the background. Repentance is excluded: you cannot go back on your first layers. You start with the details, wait for them to dry, then attack the secondary details, and finally the background. At each stage, accidents can happen: they remind me of those that happen in nature and form the elements. The image comes from itself, in a way.”

[ From the text “The Radiation of a Wet Sky” by Julie Bouvard ].

About Alexandra Roussopoulos

Alexandra Roussopoulos was born in 1969 in Paris, of Swiss and Greek ascent. She graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, and studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

Daughter of a Greek physicist, thinker and painter, and of a Valaisan mother, a committed video artist, Alexandra Roussopoulos grew up in Paris in a house-studio where, every evening, meetings of intellectuals, artists and activists took place.

Through painting, she questions the mental and physical space in which she finds herself and reexamines the relationship between forms, colors and space. Her work has always testified to the importance of the link to others. She regularly collaborates on artistic projects and has taken part in numerous artist residencies in China, Greece, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia and Algeria.  

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