African Queens: Njinga (2023)
African Queens: Njinga (2023)

‘African Queens: Njinga’ (2023) Docseries on Netflix

African Queens: Njinga is a documentary series directed by Tina Gharavi and Victoria Adeola Thomas.

African Queens is a docu-series on Netflix that tells us in 4 chapters about Njinga, a queen in Central Africa who was opposed to the European invasions and who ruled the Ambundu people keeping them safe during the Sixteenth century. She was brought up to be a warrior and was also a woman with great political and diplomatic acumen.

About the Series

This is a different kind of docu-series full of dramatizations that set it apart from the classic structure of a documentary: interviews, off-screen voices, experts, current images of landscapes… none of this, in this series we find dramatization full of force, vigor and impacting images that are attractive and truly immerse us into a story that deserves to be told.

This is a great docu-series that tells us this other side of History we don´t usually dwell on, and is also an admirable dramatic work that opens up an entirely new chapter for other series which will follow this same dramatic path (they will, doubtlessly).

A different way of considering documentaries that, although it is not new, does have narrative force and power and surpasses amply academic classicism of other documentary formulas.

Our Opinion

Here they know how to make good use of being a trending topic and yes, will doubtlessly be a success. It deserves to be so because of the force of its images, and, above all, the story it tells, which is told in its essence (more than its factualness, as some might argue, but then again opinions may vary).

Release Date

February 15, 2023

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Episode List

Death of a King

Death of a King

In the kingdom of Ndongo, the king becomes a target as the opposition grows stronger. With loyalties divided at home, Njinga seeks a new ally on her own.

Power is Not Given

Power is Not Given

A desperate Mbande asks for help from Njinga, who attempts to make peace with the Portuguese. After an unexpected death, Njinga takes on a pivotal role.

The Blood Oath

The Blood Oath

Now on the throne, Njinga must grow her army and solidify her power. In need of resources, she makes sacrifices and strikes a deal with a former enemy.



Tensions run high as Njinga negotiates with a European power to save her own as she moves to establish an independent kingdom and be recognized as queen.

African Queens: Njinga (2023)
African Queens: Njinga (2023)

Name: African Queens: Njinga

Description: Blending dramatization with documentary, this series traces the rise and reign of Queen Njinga of Angola amid family betrayal and political rivalries.

Seasons: 1

Country: United Kingdom

Director(s): Tina Gharavi, Victoria Adeola Thomas

Writer(s): NneNne Iwuji, Peres Owino

Cinematography: Sean Francis

Genre: Documentary

Actor(s): Jada Pinkett Smith

Companies: Netflix

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4.33 (3 votes)

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