Archeage: Unchained
Archeage: Unchained

‘Archeage: Unchained’ Launches All New Fresh Start Server Today

Players may start anew in an overhauled server, complete with improvements based on user feedback!


Amsterdam, The Netherlands — February 9, 2023 | Today Kakao Games and XLGAMES are thrilled to announce the launch of an all new Fresh Start Server for ArcheAge: Unchained. Following the positive reception of the previous server, the latest Fresh Start Server has retained the elements that received praise whilst also touting a number of improvements and nuances. 

The benefits of joining the all-new Fresh Start Server include:

  • Boosting buffs: This includes buffs for XP as well as Conflict, War, Siege, Quest Honor Points, and Vocation so players may access higher-level content faster
  • Loot drop rate: This will increase from 200% to 300% to help in the acquisition of valuable items
  • New boosting specifications: Boosting will now apply to both Hiram and Disciple equipment in order to aid progression
  • Double Weekly Quest Event: Players may now utilise this event to enhance Hiram and Disciple gear alike

Free server transfer tickets will be distributed to those who participated in the existing server upon its closure. Players who successfully transfer their character will also earn themselves Graduation Rewards, presenting a great opportunity to bag valuable in-game items such as Bound Lucent Serendipity Stones and Akasch Token Crates. 

Players can partake in a number of reward boosting events now the brand new Fresh Start Server has landed, and get their hands on even more loot when completing the Hiram Weekly Quest or Abyssal Library Daily Quest. This also applies to the Ipnysh Sanctuary and Noryette Challenge, giving players further incentive to attempt to overcome them.

For more information on ArcheAge: Unchained, please visit the official site.

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