Dear David
Dear David (2023)

‘Dear David’ (2023) Netflix Movie: A “Teen Flick” from Indonesia

A secret fantasy blog might jeopardize the promising future of Laras, a talented student, when the blog is revealed to her entire school.

Dear David is a drama film directed by Lucky Kuswandi starring Shenina Cinnamon.

This high-school adolescent movie comes from Indonesia… It will not be a film that goes down in the history of movie making and doesn´t teach us anything new that we don´t already know: all over the world people make movies about teens, some have charm and others don´t.

This is one of the movies that doesn´t have any.

About the Movie

Dear David
Dear David (2023)

A love-struck teenage girl, in high school, more or less risqué fantasies and your diary used to be caught and now they catch your files. Nothing new under the sun on a planet Earth in which adolescents get silly, have pimples, flirt and make mistakes… and that is how the human race goes on, miraculously, based on these mistakes transformed in celluloid (or mobile phone files in this day and age) which, however in an existential paradox that is almost cosmic, the human race is still here all over the world, and in Indonesia too, making these “dumb” movies about a dumb period in life, which in the end is not so “dumb”.

There is little to be said about the movie. The girl´s fantasy scenes are funny… for two minutes, then they get repetitive. We have the typical scene of the boy removing his t-shirt (in slow motion), we have music and the girl looking at the perfect six-pack of  her object of desire… yes, this is that kind of movie in which, so as not to score it with a three or a four, we leave it up to the viewer to vote…

Is it worth it? In the United States that depends on the State you are in and what is legally consumable… it might be entertaining.

If  you have work to do or some serious thing to do such as staring at the horizon and peacefully await death, maybe it is better to skip this kinds of movies and consider them like a Netflix sin that you will not repeat.

Our Opinion

How to express it in a gentle way? We are not that good at this: Simply, skip it and moveonto the next one, there are also new movies that are worth watching.

Release Date

February 9, 2023

Where to Watch Dear David



Lucky Kuswandi

Lucky Kuswandi


Shenina Cinnamon / Laras
Caitlin North Lewis

Emir Mahira
Palestina Irtiza
Michael James Olindo
Firas Yodha Saskara
Agnes Naomi
Anne Yasmine
Maya Hasan
Frans Nickolas

Dear David (2023)
Dear David

Movie title: Dear David

Movie description: A secret fantasy blog might jeopardize the promising future of Laras, a talented student, when the blog is revealed to her entire school.

Date published: February 7, 2023

Country: Indonesia

Director(s): Lucky Kuswandi

Writer(s): Winnie Benjamin, Daud Sumolang, Muhammad Zaidy

Actor(s): Shenina Cinnamon, Caitlin North Lewis, Michael James, Emir Mahira

Genre: Drama

Companies: Netflix

User Review
3.13 (8 votes)

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