Dogetti Attracts New Investors with Promo Code, Plus a Look at MultiversX and Decentraland

The rapidly expanding altcoin market continually offers exciting new options for cryptocurrency investors. Decentraland (MANA) and MultiversX (ELGD) offer unique platforms for users to immerse themselves in the metaverse and get creative as they earn money. Meme coin Dogetti (DETI) is making its way onto the market with a bang. The newest and most exciting dog coin to watch offers users a unique meme coin that is specifically aimed at making their family money.

Dogetti Offers An Exclusive Promo Code

Dogetti is the mafia dog themed meme coin here to rival the existing dog coins on the market and take its place as the Top Dog in the meme coin space. The project values inclusivity and the needs of their community above all else, so will be completely community based with a dedicated community known as “The Family”. Every family member will be involved in the expansion and direction that the project takes, through Dogetti DAO. With family values, the meme coin aims to have real world utility. The project plans to build the largest community possible and help their family members to build wealth. Powered by their native DETI tokens and built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, Dogetti offers users excellent security and trustworthy scalability.

As they are still in the early stages of their presale, Dogetti are offering an exclusive code for early investors in the project. For a limited time period, buyers can use the code WISEGUY25 to receive an additional 25% of Dogetti tokens with their purchase.


Decentraland – Bringing Virtual Reality to Blockchain Technology

Dencentraland is a virtual reality blockchain that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and combines metaverse gaming with blockchain protocols. Described as a virtual destination for digital assets, it offers users the opportunity to create and experience virtual reality, and monetise the whole process on their network. The community driven platform allows users to expand their creativity and use their imagination within their virtual world. Using their native MANA tokens, users can buy and sell NFTs that represent their avatar and metaverse plots called LAND. The decentraland community is fully in control of their virtual assets and creations. This unique and immersive experience brings fun and creativity to blockchain technology through virtual reality. Users can interact with each other and with decentralised applications across the decentralised community environment.

MultiversX – Scaling across the Metaverse

MultiversX wants to give its users the opportunity to scale across the Metaverse. One of the most advanced blockchains to date, it spans DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse. The blockchain was created to enable radically new applications for users, businesses, society and the Metaverse. The blockchain claims to be able to manage over 15,000 transactions a second, making it a faster platform for users compared to other networks. The ecosystem is powered by EGLD tokens – Electronic Gold – which are used for general transactions and staking opportunities. They also give users the ability to vote for future changes in the system.



These exciting blockchain projects provide users with unique experiences and options to build wealth in the crypto space. Still in its presale phases, Dogetti is showing serious promise to be a top contender in the meme-coin space. To become a part of the family early and maximise your returns, invest now and take advantage of their promo code WISEGUY25. For more information on the project, click the links below.

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