Angry Neighbors movie
Angry Neighbors (2022)

Frank Langella’s ANGRY NEIGHBORS Heading to Berlinale With Playa Media Group

The American comedy ‘Angry Neighbors’ starring Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon), Stockard Channing

(Practical Magic), Cheech Marin (Born In East LA), Bobby Cannavale (The Station Agent)and Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars), is heading to the market at 2023’s Berlin Film Festival. 

Written by James M. Bear and Hamid Torabpour (Under The Stadium Lights) and directed by Warren Brock, the key cast is rounded out by Katie Parker (Absentia), Jared Gilman (Moonrise Kingdom), Stelio Savante (What Remains), Cesar D’ La Torre (Muna), Danny Winn (Gaslit), and April McCullough (Yellowstone).

Based on the Harper Collins best selling novel ‘Lapham Rising’, ‘Angry Neighbors’ was recently released in US theaters by Lionsgate.

Jay Joyce of Los Angeles based Playa Media Group will be presenting the film to EFM global buyers for foreign distribution.  “Hamid, Camille and their team have delivered a wonderful, well crafted comedy. With top notch performances from Frank Langella, Bobby Cannavale and Ashley Benson, I’m sure our content partners and audiences the world over will respond incredibly well to this project, ” said Joyce”.

Producer Camille Torabpour added ‘“We’re excited to work with Jay and Playa Media as we bring this incredibly fun film to international audiences.”

The film is about Harry March, a retired writer whose life starts to unravel when a multimillionaire begins building a mansion across from his quiet island home in the Hamptons. Up until now, he has lived peacefully with his talking dog, Hector, a born-again Evangelical and unapologetic capitalist. To Harry, the gargantuan mansion represents the fetid and corrupt excess that has ruined modern civilization. Which means, quite simply, that this is war.

Angry Neighbors is produced by Winter State Entertainment (Hamid Torabpour, Camille Torabpour, Dr Mark. Smith) and Kerry Orent Company (Kerry Orent).

Angry Neighbors movie
Angry Neighbors (2022)

Angry Neighbors
Angry Neighbors movie

Movie title: Angry Neighbors

Movie description: When his ultra-wealthy neighbor in the Hamptons builds an obnoxious mega-mansion next door, grumpy retired novelist Harry March concocts an elaborate scheme for revenge that is destined to go hilariously awry.

Date published: February 2, 2023

Country: United States

Director(s): Warren Brock

Writer(s): James M. Bear, Hamid Torabpour

Cinematography: Austin F. Schmidt

Music: Erick Schroder

Actor(s): Frank Langella, Ashley Benson, Stockard Channing, Bobby Cannavale

Genre: Comedy

Companies: Winter State Entertainment, Kerry Orent Company

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