#NoFilter (2023)
#NoFilter (2023)

‘#NoFilter’ (2023). Netflix Comedy Series: A Different Sense of Humor

Samba rhythm humor

#NoFilter (Sem Filtro) is a Brazilian TV series created by João Paulo Horta starring Ademara Barros Marcely and Maíra Azevedo.

#NoFilter is a very entertaining Brazilian series with a very special kind of humor that is exaggerated (very much so) with rhythm, audacity and… a sense of elegance, which is special at the very least.

About the Series

Sometime ago we commented Christmas Full of Grace and the global sensation was the same: too exaggerated for an international audience, and, when removed from local context, too far removed from usual standards.

We reach the same conclusions, it has the same exaggerated sense of humor, situations that are fanciful and little “classicism” (or none at all) as far as the creation of the characters: lots of shouting (lots and lots) and humor not suitable for elegant minded audiences.

I guess you catch my meaning  by this (and I haven´t used the word “tacky” at all).

Well, if you feel like a series with a different kind of humor, far removed from the classic elegance of “Opera In Paris”, #NoFilter is a great chance to dive into this world of  influencers.

In the end, I promise you will end up laughing.


A series about a girl who decides to quit her job to become an “influencer”. Good luck!

Release Date

February 15, 2023

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Episode List

I'm an Influencer! #LookOut

I’m an Influencer! #LookOut

Marcely drops out of college to follow her dreams. Now, as an aspiring influencer, she struggles to find an Instagrammable spot for her first livestream.

Careful! That's Not Money

Careful! That’s Not Money

Pi Love arranges a visit to Max’s barbershop. Marcely attempts to shoot some videos after a wild night, but the outcome gets her into trouble.

Unbelievable! I Have a Hater...

Unbelievable! I Have a Hater…

Marcely’s friends are thrilled when she attracts her first hater: It means she’s getting famous! Still, she tries to uncover who is behind the account.

Elections! Guess Who Won?

Elections! Guess Who Won?

Val supports Sebastiana for the presidency of the Ararinhas Homeowners’ Association. Inspired by her mother, Marcely makes a speech to flip some votes.

She's Not So Love-Ly Now

She’s Not So Love-Ly Now

Marcely wins a makeover by Pi Love. As her family tidies up the house to welcome the digital star, Sandrinha gets excited to meet her idol.

Anything for Followers

Anything for Followers

Marcely and Sandrinha make a bet: Who’s the more successful influencer? The two swap accounts to see who can garner the most followers.

She's Dead, But Is She Alright?

She’s Dead, But Is She Alright?

When tragedy strikes Ararinhas, the community gathers to pay tribute to the deceased resident. Later, Sandrinha interrupts a confession of love.

Will They Get Back Together?

Will They Get Back Together?

Marcely and Pi Love meet again to collaborate on an event. Max becomes jealous of Marcely’s ex-boyfriend, Ricky.

Live or Date, That Is the Question

Live or Date, That Is the Question

Marcely finds the courage to finally ask Max on a date, but her plans are thwarted when her father unexpectedly comes home.

Exposed: My Secrets Revealed!

Exposed: My Secrets Revealed!

When Marcely is heartbroken because of Max’s work trip, Gustavo comes up with a plan to help her profess her feelings: a goodbye party.

#NoFilter (2023)
#NoFilter (2023)

Name: Sem Filtro

Description: Una serie sobre una chica que decide dejar su trabajo para convertirse en "influencer". ¡Mucha suerte!

Seasons: 1

Country: Brazil

Director(s): João Paulo Horta

Writer(s): João Paulo Horta

Genre: Comedy

Actor(s): Ademara Barros Marcely, Maíra Azevedo, Sandra de Sá, Orã Figueiredo, Carol Garcia, Mel Maia, Pedro Ottoni, Luisa Perissé, Flavia Reis, Maicon Rodrigues, Leandro Santanna

Companies: Netflix

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