Oddballs (2022)

‘Oddballs’ (2022-) – A Funny Series for “Kids” on Netflix

Oddballs is a Netflix animation series written and directed by Ethan Banville and Robert James Rallison.

Oddballs is a “retro” animation series for kids of all ages, it has more jokes for adults than for kids with words like “cognitive”, “metaphor” and other “quantum subjects”: it offers what it promises as a series that does not want to stand out in its 2D animation and which focuses on the really funny dialogues and clowning, some of which is only suitable for advanced students in MIT.

A series for all of us, geeks of this world.

We deserve this!


James is a bubble-boy who will live a lot of funny new adventures with his two best friends.

Release Date

October 7, 2022.

Where to Watch Oddballs

En Netflix.


Robert James Rallison

Julian Gant
Kimberly Brooks
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Gary Anthony Williams

Carl Faruolo

Oddballs (2022)

Name: Oddballs

Description: James es un niño-burbuja que vivirá un montón de nuevas aventuras con sus dos mejores amigos.

Seasons: 2

Country: United States

Director(s): Ethan Banville, James Rallison, Carl Faruolo, Jouchelle Miranda

Writer(s): Ethan Banville, James Rallison, Carl Faruolo, Darin Henry

Music: Ben Bromfield

Genre: Comedy

Actor(s): Julian Gant, James Rallison, Gary Anthony Williams, Kimberly Brooks, Carl Faruolo

Companies: Atomic Cartoons, TheOdd1sOut Studios, Netflix

User Review
3.33 (9 votes)

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