Pursuit of Freedom
Pursuit of Freedom (2022)

‘Pursuit of Freedom’ (2022) Movie Review

An enchanting opportunity to re-discover that all is not lost



Pursuit of Freedom  is a film directed by George A. Johnson and stars Jessica Koloiano and Stelio Savante.

This is a movie about human rights in the face of bureaucracy.

Jessica Koloian and Stelio Savante are exceptional actors in a movie that is above all, very humane.


A woman is attacked and her children are kidnapped by a group of criminals because of bad debts of her husband which she has been separated from for years and she will not stop until she gets her kids back.

Movie Review

Pursuit of Freedom
Pursuit of Freedom (2022)

Pursuit of Freedom is a movie that fools one from the start, but in a good way. It looks almost like it will be a thriller, with the first scenes leading us to thing that “here´s another Bruce Willis movie…” and no, because Pursuit of Freedom is, above all, a story about people searching for freedom which revolves around an Ukrainian mother, but is universal in a plot to overcome red tape and legal issues.

Above all, this is a very human kind of movie that rests on the acting more than using technical tricks. It has some scenes, such as the oniric visions or some parts of the kidnapping, but this film relies on its actors more than anything else and their force in contrasting innocence, humanity and this external world that is implacable and which devours their existence and their hopes.

Pursuit of Freedom
Pursuit of Freedom (2022)

In this movie, the winners are good sentiments and that force that in spite of all the obstacles, human beings persevere and continue, for one more day at least, to survive in a cruel world.

This movie is for people that want to see something about inner strength and good people, who are there in spite of everything.

Our Opinion

Pursuit of Freedom is a film with deep faith in humanity and its ability to overcome difficulties, and which wins over the audience with its interpretations, screenplay and above all, some characters that shine with humanity.

An enchanting opportunity to re-discover that all is not lost.

Even if you don´t have a passport.

Pursuit of Freedom
Pursuit of Freedom (2022)


George A. Johnson

George A. Johnson


Jessica Koloian / Anna
Stelio Savante / Bedros
Robia LaMorte / Anoush
Robert Amaya / Pastor Bill
Brayden Eaton / Armen
Sharonne Lanier / Naomi
Elias Kemuel / Hovan
Tenley Kellogg / Siran
Caspian Christofferson / Spitak Boy
Mark Lowry / Norm

Pursuit of Freedom (2022)

Movie title: Pursuit of Freedom

Movie description: Inspired by the incredible true story of a woman who was abducted in the night, torn from her children, and sold into trafficking after her husband lost her in a night of gambling.

Date published: February 19, 2023

Country: United States

Duration: 95 mins

Director(s): George A. Johnson

Writer(s): George A. Johnson

Cinematography: James Burgess

Music: Damon Criswell

Actor(s): Jessica Koloian, Stelio Savante, Robia LaMorte, Sharonne Lanier, Brayden Eaton, Tenley Kellogg, Elias Kemuel, Robert Amaya, Mike Markoff

Genre: Drama

Companies: Homesick Media, Story Light

Our Opinion

An enchanting opportunity to re-discover that all is not lost.


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