River Tails
River Tails

River Tails at Milan Games Week

Co-op Adventure platformer Indie River Tails Stronger Together Demo at Taipei Game Show

Tokyo, February 2, 2023 Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd. (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is happy to announce that the demo of “River Tails Stronger Together”, from developers Kid Onion Studio, Italy, and published by Gravity Game Arise under the Gravity Indie Games label, will be exhibited by Taiwan Gravity branch Gravity Communications at Taipei Game Show at the TaiNEX convention center in Taipei, Taiwan from 2023 February 2nd~5th

In addition to the content also shown to rave reviews at EGX in London and Milan Games Week last year, in Taipei, the demo will have a bit of new content for users to check out before they begin teasing the upcoming Early Access. Please check it out and stay tuned in for information about Early Access coming soon.

River Tails: Stronger Together

River Tails Stronger Together is a colorful cartoonish 3D two-player co-op adventure platformer about a curious and excitable purple kitten “Furple” and a slightly irresponsible fish “Fin”. Players travel up the river to save Furple’s family. Cooperate with your friends to solve the gimmicks and defeat the bosses that awaits you. Will you be able to save his family?

The game is being developed by Kid Onion Studio, a game developer based in the UK and Italy, and is planned for multi-platform deployment. The team regularly shares new short videos of the game updates on their social media! Make sure to check out both their Instagram, Tik-Tok and please wishlist the game! More news is coming soon!

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