‘The Exchange’ (2023): A Netflix Series from Kuwait

The Exchange
The Exchange (2023)

The Exchange is a series directed by Jasem Al-Muhanna and Karim Elshenawy starring Rawan Mahdi and Mona Hussain.

The Exchange reaches us from Kuwait with an interesting premise about women´s liberation in the masculina world of finances.

As far as the premise is concerned… good. After that, what we find inside… and each person will see whether they like it or not.

This is not The Wolf of Wall Street, nor is it a comedy or have a wild rhythm nor anything like that. The Exchange portrays the financial world of Kuwait in the Eighties and how two talented young ladies try to impose themselves on the system.

This is not the series of the year nor does it excell in its filming, you just need to watch it or not.


Set in Kuwait in 1988, two women making their way in the boys club of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, on the eve of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of the country.

Release Date

February 8, 2023

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Rawan Mahdi
Zahra Al-Kharji

Hussien Almahdi
Faisal Al Omairi

Episode List

Bank of Tomorrow

Bank of Tomorrow

As the ink dries on her divorce papers, Farida contends with her new reality. A charity auction reignites a friendly rivalry between her and Munira.

It’s a Man’s World

It’s a Man’s World

On their first days at work and school, Farida seeks an alliance and Jude keeps a low profile. Feeling unheard, Munira takes matters into her own hands.

Thicker than Milk

Thicker than Milk

As the family meticulously plans for its matriarch’s 80th, Munira finds tactical inspiration in an unlikely place. Farida pursues more independence.

Short and Distort

Short and Distort

The duo’s success lands them in the limelight, but the bank’s secret plan finds them between a rock and a hard place — and snubbed by their loved ones.

The Silent Partner

The Silent Partner

After realizing that their presence in an important meeting is merely for show, Farida and Munira forge their own path — despite external distractions.

What Goes Up

What Goes Up

As the 1987 market crash looms, the Exchange braces for a critical all-nighter. Putting their personal lives on hold, Farida and Munira join the storm.

The Exchange (2023)
The Exchange

Name: The Exchange

Description: Set in Kuwait in 1988, two women making their way in the boys club of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, on the eve of Saddam Hussein's invasion of the country.

Seasons: 1

Country: Kuwait

Director(s): Jasem Al-Muhanna, Karim Elshenawy

Writer(s): Nadia Ahmad, Adam Sobel

Genre: Drama

Actor(s): Rawan Mahdi, Mona Hussain, Mohamed Mansour, Hessa Jasem Al-Nabhan, Hussain Al-Mahdi, Faisal AlAmeri

Companies: Netflix

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