Urban Mobile Phone Legends
Urban Mobile Phone Legends

Urban Mobile Phone Legends: Call If You Dare

Let’s break down some urban legends surrounding mysterious phone numbers. In case of an emergency, phones are supposed to aid you and come to your rescue right?

In the case of these mysterious and infamous phone numbers, the opposite is true. In fact, answering any of these numbers is rumored to result in eerie consequences and in the worst cases: death.

What are popular urban legends surrounding a phone number?

A prominent mobile phone legend is related to none other than death itself. That’s right: call a string of 0’s to meet your fated end.

The idea that dialing 0’s could connect you to death brewed in Asian countries. This haunted phone number is rumored to be connected to the world of the dead.

Accordingly, in the best case, whoever calls this number will hear footsteps sounding on the other end of the receiver.

In the worst case, simply calling could cause you to drop dead. In other stories, receiving a call from a number of primarily 0’s has the power to connect you to the dead. Perhaps a dead relative or loved one is trying to reach you through the phone.

Other legends involve a chain-mail concept. Supposedly, if one calls the phone number

000-0000-000, a man answers and instructs you to have fifteen other people call. Otherwise, they will meet the end of their days.

How has the use of mobile phones affected urban legends?

This last legend plays on the excitement and tension of passing around a number to see what truly happens to callers.

Admittedly, the fright factor of this legend is comparatively low, but the willingness of people to circulate the phone number is more than enough to keep it alive.

It is evident that within the last decades after the birth of the mobile phone, the widespread availability, dependence, and reliance on phones have transformed scary stories.

Many stories and urban legends nowadays revolve around the use of phone numbers. For instance, several stories warn of the dangers of calling a specific number for fear of what you’ll hear on the other side.

Given their prominence in modern society, this presents a newfound terror as well as temptation.

Practically anyone with a phone holds the power to dial up a number to witness what truly happens. This adds on a rush of temptation and the curiosity that drives this temptation is often greater than the fright of facing the consequences.

So, if a number like this calls you, pick up with caution – or don’t pick up at all.

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