Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle
Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle

“Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle”. Stand-Up Comedy on Netflix

A less than... sophisticated stand-up comedian.

Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle is a stand-up comedy special on Netflix directed by Jeff Tomsic and starring the iconic Bert Kreischer.

He introduces himself to the audience with a pint in his hand and… with his shirt on, though it barely lasts three seconds. Bert Kreischer has the audience eating out of his hand from the get-go, with his jokes about underwear that snags on things and his jokes about… bumpkins.

Sophisticated? Maybe not, but Mr. Kreischer dazzles his audience, who get feverishly fired up by his jokes, which are accompanied by his wild gesticulations and his… let’s say, unathletic… physique.

Release Date

March 14, 2023

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The Star: Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer. By Dave Wilder Photography –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up comedian and television host. He has released four comedy specials, Bert Kreischer: Secrets of the Pioneer Palace, Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb, Bert Kreischer: The Machine, and Bert Kreischer: Secret Time. His brand of physical comedy mixed with storytelling has earned him the nickname “The Machine” and he regularly appears on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. More

Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle
Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle

Movie title: Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle

Movie description: Shameless — and shirtless — as ever, Bert spills on bodily emissions, being bullied by his kids and the explosive end to his family's escape room outing.

Date published: March 13, 2023

Country: United States

Director(s): Jeff Tomsic

Actor(s): Bert Kreischer

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

Companies: Jax Media, Netflix

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