Big Eyes Vs Metacade: Which Presale Is Worth Your Time?

Big Eyes Coins (BIG) have made quite the wave in the crypto market this season! This presale season has been rather one-sided with Big Eyes coins taking the lead.

Metacade is, however, not far behind! The competition continues and as we all know, the best investment option depends on the investor and not the asset in question. Hence, this article will walk you through both the best crypto projects out there and help you make the best  investment decision for you! Ready? Set? Go!

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Big Eyes Coins (Big): Tokens That Dominate The Market With Cuteness

Big Eyes are cute, aren’t they? If you say no, you’re exercising self deception. Come on, have you seen the mascots of Big Eyes? They are so cute! But is that the reason they are at the forefront of this crypto presales season? Absolutely not!

Big Eyes Coins have raised $30.8 million in their presales stage and their tokens are being sold real quick! The dominant reason for BIG’s presale success is its tax-free environment. Yup, in a world where every crypto levies transaction fees, Big Eyes does not charge any buy or sell tax in their ecosystem!

Moreover, Big Eyes Coin have this amazing concept of LOOT BOXES, wherein, if you purchase a loot box for $99, you stand a chance to win $5000! 500%, on the spot, profit? Crazy! But, it does not end there! The creators of BIG have recently launched a new loot box that costs $9,999 but gives you the chance to win a million dollars! Now that’s some amount of money if you ask us!

For any crypto project to be successful, the creator has to have a clear vision of the future of the coin. And the creators of BIG have not left any stone unturned. To provide real value to their early investors, the liquidity pool of Big Eyes coins is going to be locked for 2 years post-launch. A nice strategy to propel the token price higher! Moreover, the BIG tokens are quite liquid as 80% of 200,000,000,000 (the total token supply) will be available at launch. A fine balance between demand and supply!

Big Eyes Coins is your go-to project for investment if your goal is to earn crazy profit and find a welcoming online crypto community!

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Metacade: Arcade Meets Metaverse

Metacade is a hub for Web3 enthusiasts. Here you can collaborate with Web3 developers and also play games that earn you some rewards in MCADE (the token of Metacade).

Metacade has raised $8.8 million in its presale stage are doing pretty well! If you are a fan of P2E games or need a Web3 developer to help you launch your big crypto idea, you should definitely check out metacade. As stated by Metacade creators, ‘Metacade is created by gamers for gamers.’ The Metacade hub will offer pay-to-play arcades, job listings, a launchpad, game testing, and many other benefits to their investors.

Metacade might be the project you are looking for if you are a gamer or a Web3 developer!

Which Of The Two Presales Is Worth Investing In For You?

Before we get into this, understand that the presales season is coming to an end. Hence, whichever project rocks your rolls, the best time to get involved is NOW!

Ok, onto the crux.

Why are you looking to invest in crypto? Is it for profit? Or, for the love of P2E games and the future they promise?

If you are not into the whole concept of gaming or developing Web3 projects, Big Eyes might be the best choice for you. However, if you are a programmer or want to get involved in the technicalities of creating Web3 projects, consider Metacade. Whichever you choose, remember to do your research! Both have great potential, it’s all about your preference.

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