Eric Nelsen. Photography by Crystal Clear Photography
Eric Nelsen. Photography by Crystal Clear Photography

Bucking Bull Bourbon to Launch in Texas with “1883” Star Eric Nelsen as Partner & Brand Ambassador

“Making Whiskey fun again”

Bucking Bull Brands announced the official launch of the newest Texas Whiskey, Bucking Bull Bourbon. This new whiskey, inspired by the modern west, action sports and bull riding, will be available in Ft. Worth bars and retailers as of April 1, and available throughout the state of Texas by the end of this summer. In a bold move by the new, independent bourbon brand, Bucking Bull Bourbon is partnering with Eric Nelsen, “1883” star and celebrity, as Brand Ambassador and chief spokesperson.  The partnership brings together the marketing power of Bucking Bull Brands, LLC. and Eric Nelsen, who straddles the modern west and action sports worlds and the younger, premium bourbon-buying crowd, of which he is an integral part. To further break the traditional whiskey marketing mold, Bucking Bull Bourbon uses a bright colorful label and graphics, originally produced videos and music and direct to consumer marketing.  

From Phil Neason, Bucking Bull Bourbon co- founder, ‘We are lucky and proud to have Eric Nelsen and his team as our partner. Eric represents the face of the younger bourbon- buying crowd that is seeking to be part of something fun, something special, something they can celebrate.” Eric will be a big part of our success in ‘Making Whiskey fun again.’  We’re very Bullish!”

From Sarah Pfaff, Bucking Bull Bourbon co-founder, “In a sea of earth-toned whiskey labels, with Eric Nelsen’s help, the bright beautiful artwork on the Bucking Bull Bourbon label will buck off the shelf and into customers’ hands!”

From Eric Nelsen, Partner and Brand Ambassador, “It’s an exciting time in Texas history and culture! We are thrilled to be making our mark in the ever changing and fast-growing world of the modern west. Bucking Bull Bourbon is the best I’ve ever had. Family owned and operated. You can’t beat the story, what it stands for and how it tastes. Grab the horns and let’s ride! True Texas fashion.”

Excited customers of Bucking Bull Bourbon will be able to buy it in local Ft Worth bars and restaurants as well as select retailers.  It is a premium Texas whiskey with a smooth, silky flavor and a little kick. It’s delicious served neat, on the rocks and in cocktails.  Customers will gravitate to Bucking Bull Bourbon’s ground-breaking, brightly colored label based on custom art from Dallas artist Lyndon Gaither.

About Bucking Bull Brands

Bucking Bull Brands is the parent company of the small batch Whiskey, Bucking Bull Bourbon, the bad-ass Whiskey with a kick!  Bucking Bull Brands encourages all to celebrate their epic adventures and to drink responsibly.

Eric Nelsen is represented by Joe Nelsen of Round Table Management LLC. 

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