“Country Gold” Starring Ben Hall and Mickey Reece Coming to Theaters March 16th

Country Gold is an upcoming comedy movie directed, written, and starring Mickey Reece with supporting cast members Ben Hall and Joe Cappa.

Country music legends Troyal and George Jones, meet in Nashville in 1994 because George has decided he wants to be cryogenically frozen.

Release Date

March 16, 2023

Where to Watch Country Gold

In Theaters

The Director

Mickey Reece

Mickey Reece is a writer/director from Oklahoma City, OK. He has directed over 25 feature films in just over a decade with each subsequent work pushing the boundaries of his own established form and unique brand of art-house cinema.

The Cast

The Cast

Lisandro Boccacci / Lawyer Mickey Reece / Troyal
Ginger Gilmartin / Gail Williams Ben Hall / George Jones
Colleen Elizabeth Miller / Activist Leader Cate Jones / Narrator