“Faraway” Netflix Movie. Review: A feel-good TV movie to “rediscover” yourself

Faraway is a movie directed by Vanessa Jopp starring Naomi Krauss. With Goran Bogdan, Bahar Balci and Adnan Maral.

Far Far Away is a simple, simply scripted film that goes for the charming, tender, inner self and what is pure from the very beginning. Is it a completely made-for-TV film in its purest form? It has it all, yes, you choose whether you want to enjoy it or see it through sarcastic intellectual glasses.

About the Film

A film with its own name: Naomi Krauss, who has the whole movie to herself and shines in one of those roles that are a joy to play: a woman who rediscovers herself after escaping from an exhausting routine and environment.

You know what to expect: the initiation journey of a middle-aged woman who rediscovers herself and finds, of course, love in a new environment. A new idea? We’ve seen it a thousand times and we’ll see it again for one simple reason: it works so well that there’s no other choice but to repeat it with minor variations.

This time we go to Croatia, a wonderful place full of beautiful landscapes to enjoy with the protagonist… full of good, charming, and simple people who we can rediscover a taste for authenticity with again.

A film that borders on the obvious and, as is evident, we can but consider it simple in its approach, discourse, and composition.

We are not going to discover anything new in cinema, but we can give it a chance and let ourselves be carried away during this hour and a half by the most clichéd topics about middle age and the possibility of rediscovering ourselves in a paradisiacal environment.

Our Opinion

A made-for-TV movie to let yourself be carried away by the most authentic, trite, and universally exclusive feelings we all experience as human beings.

Consciously easy and simple.

To the point of saying, ‘that’s enough!’

Release Date

March 8, 2023

Where to Watch Faraway



Naomi Krauss / Zeynap Altin

Goran Bogdan / Josip

Adnan Maral / Ilyas Altin

Artjom Gilz / Conrad

Bahar Balci / Fia Altin
Davor Tomic / Drazen Cega

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