Karate Sheep
Karate Sheep

‘Karate Sheep’: A Very “Special” Animation Proposal on Netflix

Karate Sheep is a new animated series by Cédric Dietsch and Renaud Martin. You can enjoy it on Netflix starting this Wednesday.

Karate Sheep arrives with the goal of giving the little ones in the house a very special perspective on the wolf, now an instrument in the hands of an apprentice karate fighter who will give him “what he deserves” in each episode and won’t let the wolf devour any sheep.

About the Series

A series with a rather psychedelic animation style, very funny and with a fairly Tex Avery style that will please the older ones at home… we don’t know if it will please the gobsmacked children, but everything remains to be seen.

Thirteen short episodes that are just seven minutes long which we can let ourselves be carried away on by this very unusual world.

In any case, one more option for this Wednesday on Netflix.

Release Date

March 2, 2023

Where to Watch Karate Sheep


Karate Sheep
Karate Sheep

Name: Karate Sheep

Description: Trico is an enthusiastic sheep who loves to share new objects and ideas with the rest of the flock. This causes ruckus in the mountain pastures, which all inevitably end up at Wanda’s expense, a tough ewe whose job is to keep the sheep safe. Not a small feat, especially when Wolf is always lurking, waiting to make the most of this newfound chaos.

Seasons: 1

Country: France

Director(s): Cédric Dietsch, Renaud Martin

Writer(s): Hugo Gittard

Companies: Xilam Animation, Xilam Animation, Netflix, Super RTL, TOGGO

User Review
3.14 (7 votes)

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