Nicole Peplinski
Nicole Peplinski

Nicole Peplinski’s ‘LA Medical’ Short Film Completed, Headed To Festivals

Los Angeles, CA – March 23, 2023 – “LA Medical” tells the story of Dr. Porter, who loves her patients and finds such meaning in her work. As she loses a long, arduous battle in her own life, it’s the patients and their battles that help her navigate her own. Nicole Peplinski wrote, produced, and starred in the film alongside actor Michael Sun Lee. “LA Medical” has finished production and is now headed to film festivals.

Nicole Peplinski says, “I created this film to use art as the medium for analysis of the human experience. As our heroine navigates helping her patients, she juggles endometriosis and infertility, theories on what makes you feel unlovable, career success, and the painful reality of success having enemies and still trying to embrace all the opportunities in front of her. 

Both socially and personally, it felt like the right time to artistically create work that would propel conversations regarding these social issues. While we see them starting to be touched upon, I wanted to lean deeper. To give a voice to those suffering with a condition that is both painful and debilitating. To add to the conversation of not only women that are now choosing not to have children and feeling whole but those that didn’t have the choice and are still finding wholeness. I wanted to contribute to the narrative about what cultivates a mindset that makes you feel unlovable. Our heroine is remarkable and successful yet battles these questions too, as so many successful women do. As she continues to work and build, her success becomes more apparent, but the enemies it draws aren’t anything she was prepared for. Acknowledgment of these battles felt important, and creating an artistic platform for its exploration honored its relevance.”

Nicole Peplinski can be seen as Jules in “Scrap,” a feature film by Vivian Kerr that stars Anthony Rapp, Vivian Kerr, and Lana Parrilla, due to be released later in 2023. She’s also worked on several episodes of “General Hospital” and is in the soon-to-be-released film “Downside of Bliss,” where she works alongside Eric Roberts, Billy Zane, and Judd Nelson. In addition to the short film “LA Medical,” she has produced and starred in the short film “Strings” alongside James Black, due out later this year. Baron Entertainment represents Nicole Peplinski with publicity and branding by Wendy Shepherd of Studio Matrix. 

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