“Sky High: The Series”. Netflix Series: A High Voltage Thriller

If you liked the movie, here comes the series with the same people in charge, Daniel Calparsoro as the director and Jorge Guerricaechevarría handling the script, offering us this intense crime thriller which is full of rhythm that we liked so much, and that, on the same creative lines, also give us this spectacular action series.

Starring Asia Ortega, Luis Tosar y Álvaro Rico.


About the Series

Sky High: The Series offers a little of what everyone expects, and in all the best senses: it knows how to turn a good movie into a highly entertaining series which gives the viewer exactly what he or she is looking for and they won’t end up in the least disappointed.

Eight episodes full of plots at the unique Calparsoro pace, who, without inventing anything, knows how to build this violent thriller full of grit like no one else does, which also has a good script and characters who know how to swim in these waters and blend into its waves without being forced.

Good script, good direction (obviously) in a thriller that, without inventing anything, knows how to give the viewer exactly what they want.

Conclusion: a patent success.

Release Date

March 17, 2023

Where to Watch Sky High: The Series


The Cast

Álvaro Rico

Luis Tosar / Rogelio

Asia Ortega / Sole

Richard Holmes / Poli

Fernando Cayo / Duque

Áyax Pedrosa / Motos

Patricia Vico / Mercedes
Tomás del Estal
Dollar Selmouni / Gitano
Alejandro Marzal / Antonio

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