“Still Time”. Netflix Movie. Review: Regarding the “simple” Things in Life

Still Time (Era ora) is an Italian film directed by Alessandro Aronadio starring Edoardo Leo, Barbara Ronchi and Mario Sgueglia.

An Italian film that starts out as a “romantic comedy”, and that threatens to dive into middle-aged drama and ends up turning it into Groundhog Day with a man trapped in a time he… can no longer remember.

An interesting premise about turning back time in the genre of movies that turn back time… with a much more sentimental than comedic approach.

About the Movie

If you are in the mood for a movie about watching life go by, this is a good opportunity to let yourself be imbued with nostalgia, and search – like Proust – for time lost in an amount of time that is much shorter than the French author’s novel.

As for the film, good performances, especially by Edoardo Leo, who knows how to compose the different ages of a character that changes from year to year and knows how to mature him interpretatively speaking.

It is a film that wants to go more to the human than to the cinematographic, that prefers to believe in the actors than in the camera turns and that has a narrative which, without disregarding approaches or shots, takes things with narrative calm, letting the actors do their work and trusting at all times in a script and in an idea that, if not completely original, is enough to make the most ardent lovers of romantic comedies that are more romantic than comedy, and more melodramatic than sardonic, have a good time…

It’s almost a serious drama which, in the end, ends up falling into too easy and comfortable proposals for… its pretensions.  Maybe? No – Ya Era Hora doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is or to give us any other kind of entertainment than that which it does: the simplicity, the moment and, as they say at the beginning of the movie, to watch the river of life pass by in just a couple of hours, in a fictitious, birthday-boy, wormhole trip…

Our Opinion

Enjoyable, too sentimental for our tastes, but they are only ours and – like Groucho Marx – we all like different things, and it will have its audience. It has its merits, it looks very good and has two actors who, within the script, know how to compose a story full of feeling that goes to the origin and the meaning, simple, of life.

Release Date

March 16, 2023

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"Still Time". Netflix Movie. Review: Regarding the "simple" Things in Life 17

Alessandro Aronadio

The Cast

Edoardo Leo / Dante

Barbara Ronchi / Alice

Francesca Cavallin / Francesca

Andrea Purgatori / Terapeuta

Mario Sgueglia / Valerio

Massimo Wertmüller / Marcello

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