The Impact of VFX on Movie Genres and Styles

From visual effects to CGI technology, movies have been revolutionized by the advances in production methods. VFX (visual effects) are now commonplace for filmmakers striving to craft a cinematic masterpiece and it’s hard to imagine watching any movie today without some form of computer-generated imagery! Such is their prevalence that blockbusters often rely heavily on VFX – making them essential components of modern films.

While we may appreciate the special effects in a movie, few of us are aware of how directors have used them to impact various genres or why they’ve come to be so essential over time.

Visual Effects: How It Has Evolved

The very first time anyone had witnessed the use of visual effects in film was back in 1933 when King Kong was released. At the time, the technology was considered to be revolutionary and a way that the industry could be disrupted.

However, some 90 years later, VFX has gone on leaps and bounds since that release, with it becoming even more sophisticated, yet cheaper to create. This has made the technology more appealing to movie directors, as they look to create the most engaging and immersive stories possible on the big screen.

One of the biggest examples of VFX is in regard to computer-generated imagery, more commonly known as CGI. There has been a plethora of films to have been released that feature this tech form, with what would appear to be hyper-realistic action scenes being generated by a computer. For instance, films like Avatar and Jurassic Park arguably helped to revolutionize the film industry through its use of CGI as they showed just what could be capable. Indeed, we should only expect titles to be released in the future to be even more realistic as this technology continues to evolve.

Movie Genres Have Been Impacted

There is no denying that VFX has had a huge impact on the way certain movie genres are now produced, too. Whether it be independent filmmakers who look to use after effects to try and make their production as appealing as possible and capture the attention of someone in the industry, or an established director looking to create the next box office hit, the technology has allowed for certain genres to grow and become a shade of what they may have been in the past.

For instance, science fiction films require special effects in order to help us believe that we are in outer space or that there is extraterrestrial life when it is something that audiences will not have seen for themselves. Furthermore, superhero films require it as the technology allows those individuals to use their powers. Indeed, in any movie genre you look at, it is easy to see the use of VFX in some capacity.

Film Styles Have Also Been Impacted By VFX

Evidently, it’s no secret that the movie industry has been drastically transformed by Visual Effects (VFX). But beyond its effects on genres, VFX has also revolutionized the style of filmmaking. Audiences now crave realistic experiences when watching movies; some prefer stories rooted in reality while others are captivated by fantastical tales that break technological boundaries.

Despite audience preferences, the technology now available to filmmakers makes it possible for them to create almost anything. Scenes that could never have been created in reality before are a cinch, and even ideas that may seem outlandish can be brought to life with ease.

Have VFX Made Movies Better or Worse?

There is no doubt that we can each have an opinion about VFX and whether they have had a positive or negative impact on the movie industry as a whole. However, what is undeniable is the fact that they have had an impact and one that has clearly had a changing consequence.

Indeed, as long as the technology continues to develop and get better, and provides us with an engaging and immersive viewing experience, there is no doubt that it is here to stay!

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