“Wellmania”: A Smart, Funny Series on Netflix

From Australia, about the world of healthy living.


Wellmania is a series created by Benjamin Law, starring Celeste Barber. It is based on a novel by Brigid Delaney.

Wellmania is a fun Australian comedy about health based on the novel by Brigid Delaney in which health is the most important thing, but seen through the eyes of a girl who has not thought about her health once in her life and who, upon discovering this new world, is like some of us when we see a bicycle and ask ourselves: and what’s this supposed to do?

Vida saludable a tope

About the Series

A nice comedy in the Australian style, starring a great Celeste Barber who is given one of those “roles of her life” and who knows how to take advantage of it with wit and style.

As for the series: it has the restrained wit of intelligent humor, very literary, the smooth pace of a novel, and well-profiled characters that, although they serve to create the ecosystem of strangeness in terms of all that “healthy living” stuff, they also form the backbone of a well-honed story.

No big deal in terms of production, it is a rather simple series that will win you over more due to the characters than for its impact on a visual level.

One of those series that – like Bridget Jones – will win you over because of its likable central character and the ecosystem of characters that swarm around her.

It’s funny, intelligent, hits the mark, and very well conceived thanks to the script.

It struggles between laughter and intelligent irony, with the latter almost always coming out on top.

No wonder the novel was such a success.

Enjoy it.

Vida saludable a tope

Release date

March 29, 2023

Where to Wacth Wellmania


About Brigid Delaney

Brigid Delaney is a writer, journalist, and founder of the Global Women’s Strike.

Brigid Delaney is a force to be reckoned with in the world of writing and journalism. As one of Australia’s most celebrated and respected authors, she has had pieces published in The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Saturday Paper, and The Australian. More

Series Trailer

The Cast

Celeste Barber / Liv Healy
J.J. Fong / Amy Kwan

Genevieve Mooy / Lorraine Healy
Lachlan Buchanan / Gaz Healy

Remy Hii / Dalbert Tan

Alexander Hodge / Isaac Huang

Simone Kessell / Helen King
Virginie Laverdure / Valerie Jones
Johnny Carr / Doug Henderson
Miranda Otto

Episode List

Carpe That Diem

Carpe That Diem

A series of unfortunate events threaten to upend a career-making opportunity when food writer Liv leaves New York City for a weekend away in Australia.

The Cleanse

The Cleanse

A desperate Liv cooks up a winning pitch and dives headfirst into health and wellness. Amy throws Archie a party. Lorraine flags a problem at work.

Get Your Duck On

Get Your Duck On

While training with Gaz, Liv gets closer to a crush-worthy workout partner. But she’s also on assignment, covering a chef known as NYC’s “King of Meat.”

The Real Camille

The Real Camille

Liv bares all for an exclusive interview with a sexual self-help guru. Amy tries to get Doug’s attention. Gaz and Dalbert explore the art of compromise.

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors

With a critical deadline looming, Liv consults a psychic — and takes a long, strange trip. Amy and Doug get caught in the act. Gaz meets up with an ex.

Life and Death

Life and Death

Liv hitches a ride to Canberra with a death doula. A flashback to the day Liv’s father died reveals how she and Amy first became friends.

The Big A

The Big A

Liv stages the perfect wedding day for Gaz, complete with a heartfelt sister-of-the-groom speech at the reception. But things don’t go according to plan.

Count to 10

Count to 10

It’s launch day for “Banquet Royale,” and Liv’s professional dreams are finally coming true. So why does it feel like she’s drowning?


Name: Wellmania

Description: When a health crisis forces Liv to rethink her “live fast, die young” attitude, she jumps into a wellness journey to get better — even if it kills her.

Seasons: 1

Country: Australia

Director(s): Benjamin Law, Helena Brooks, Erin White

Writer(s): Brigid Delaney, Benjamin Law, Romina Accurso, Nick Coyle, Amy Stewart, Rachel Laverty

Cinematography: Dan Freene

Genre: Comedy

Actor(s): Celeste Barber, Remy Hii, Lachlan Buchanan, Virginie Laverdure, Alexander Hodge, J.J. Fong, Johnny Carr, Leah Vandenberg

Companies: FremantleMedia Australia, Netflix

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