Wheel of Destiny
Wheel of Destiny

‘Wheel of Destiny’: Flash Party Season 9 Is Here!

Create your perfect Dojo, don Tarot-inspired skins, and seize your Destiny! Plus a $10,000 prize is up for grabs in North American Tournament!

XD Games, Shanghai — March 29, 2023 |  Today is the day! Flash Party’s Ninth Season, ‘Wheel of Destiny’ is here and there’s plenty for players to sink their teeth into. Lines will be drawn, battles fought and to the victor, the spoils!

The highly-anticipated Dojo System has finally arrived! Players can now assemble a Dojo that belongs to them and their friends, with exclusive chat channels and the ability to show it off on the Leaderboard and your Personal Information. To celebrate, there will be a tonne of unique missions called “Rise of Rookies” that players can compete with friends for incredible rewards! 

But it’s not all about cooperation. Fans of competitive play can dive into the Arena and earn Cupid’s latest skin – The Angel of Love. To unlock this godly new skin, players will have to duke it out and reach level 20 Intensity, rewarding them with a divine appearance worthy of Cupid.

And it’s not just Cupid who’ll be getting a new look. The Wheel of Destiny Skin Set will see Tina, Sophia and Mr. 5 all be rewarded with themed appearances. Styled to their specific Tarot cards, Strength, Justice and Hermit respectively, these skins give players a glimpse at the true personalities of their favourite heroes.

Alongside the Skin Set, players can also complete Party Missions to unlock Alice’s new Recolor Skin: Andromeda skin, while reaching level 30 on the Party Pass will unlock Sivi’s Alter Verse Challenge Skin Set: “Vibrant Red”.

As well as a new season, North American players are also in for a treat as they can sign up for an epic tournament on April 8th with the chance to win a prize pool of $10,000. Sign ups are still live at http://start.gg/fpso, so players need to act fast to not miss out. For anyone who isn’t interested in participating but would like to watch, they can watch along on the VGBC Official Twitch. Not only that, but Flash Party is also sponsoring EVO Japan (March 31 to April 2) and to celebrate players can redeem the code “FPEVOSPONSOR” in-game before April 14 to get 120 Lucky Coins. 

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