‘Beef’ Netflix Series: A24 and its seal of quality

A series which starts life as irony and that knows how to turn into something more serious.

Beef is a series created by Lee Sung Jin starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

After sweeping the Oscars with Everything Everywhere All at Once, the production company A24 leaves us with the same sweet taste of quality comedy that, above all, has a great plot: thanks to the creativity of the writing and an interesting starting point.

Plot, characters, and a story that knows how to read itself through the comedy and character drama.

About the series

A24 seems to have found the key to “commercial creativity”, that balance between making a good movie and, somehow miraculously, not being a fiasco at the box office. And it definitely seems like that key continues to open many doors, and all of them showing a world that, behind the appearance of the ordinary, hides the extraordinary.

More or less the same thing happens with Beef: a whole world of characters whose stories are triggered by a brawl in traffic after a day of trouble for two of the characters. The story gets complicated and what starts out as a more or less dark comedy turns into a well-constructed drama.

Interesting or even very interesting, what more need be said, and of quality, undoubtedly. It bases the plot around the community of Asian descendants, now American, in search of identity and with such a great sense of humor, rhythm and irony.

Both Steven Yeun and Ali Wong rise to the challenge of purveying quality with their performances. They don’t need to be stilted or make too much fuss to be seen as the talented actors they are, because good dialogue knows how to speak, and they are perfect, natural.

A24 returns to revolve around the axes that brought it success and that still work like a charm, they continue to dazzle with this series that knows how to tell a good story, entertain, and leave that “good series” taste in the mouth that, at all times, will never go unnoticed.

A story that knows how to make the convoluted seem natural.

Enjoy it, because it is worth it.

Release Date

April 6, 2023

Where to Watch Beef


Episode List

image 3

The Birds Don’t Sing, They Screech in Pain

A run-in with a hostile motorist sends Danny into a rage — and a tense chase across town. Amy’s unexpected guest leaves a lasting impression.

image 4

The Rapture of Being Alive

An enraged Amy finds new purpose as cracks in her seemingly perfect marriage begin to show. Danny seeks a fresh start for his failing family business.

image 5

I Am Inhabited By A Cry

Danny experiences a catharsis in the presence of an old flame. Amy’s relationship with George suffers another setback. A catfishing scheme goes too far.

image 6

Just Not All At The Same Time

With her future hanging in a balance, Amy heads to Las Vegas for work while a smitten Paul and an exasperated Danny follow wild pursuits of their own.

image 7

Such Inward Secret Creatures

As George makes a new friend, Danny proposes a dangerous plan, Amy agrees to a rendezvous, and Naomi acts on a hunch.

image 8

We Draw A Magic Circle

Fumi’s pointed comments and Naomi’s meddling put Amy and George on edge. As Isaac hustles to get out of trouble, Danny receives an unexpected offer.

image 9

I Am A Cage

Amy and Danny both experience positive changes in their lives, but lingering secrets and emotional challenges force them to confront hard truths.

image 10

The Drama Of Original Choice

Painful memories of her youth push Amy to confront her family issues and marital woes. Danny spins an elaborate lie that leads him down a dangerous path.

image 11

The Great Fabricator

Danny moves from fear into panic as new crises arise. Willing to do whatever it takes to keep June safe, Amy devises a perilous scheme.

image 12

Figures Of Light

The consequences of their actions leave Danny and Amy in a surreal situation that tests their grasp on reality.


Name: Beef

Description: A road rage incident between two strangers — a failing contractor and an unfulfilled entrepreneur — sparks a feud that brings out their darkest impulses.

Seasons: 1

Country: Estados Unidos

Director(s): Lee Sung Jin, Hikari, Lee, Isaac Chung

Writer(s): Sonny Lee

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Actor(s): Steven Yeun, Ali Wong, Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, David Choe, Patti Yasutake, Ashley Park, Mia Serafino, Bernard White

Companies: A24, Universal Remote, Netflix

Our Opinion

A story that knows how to make the convoluted seem natural.



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