Bunker (2022)

‘Bunker’ (2022). Movie Review: In Film We Trust

Bunker is a horror film directed by Adrian Langley starring Eddie Ramos, Luke Baines and Julian Feder.

A film with a single set in which the director gives it his all so that, although the shortcomings are noticeable, they go as unnoticed as possible and thus show his skills with the camera.

He manages to show them, making an entertaining film that, being a B Series, comes out well thanks to the efforts of the entire cast.

Be warned: low budget.

Movie Review

Well – very well – shot, but with few means. As for the script, it is not something completely original that will go down in the history of cinema and it seems (due to the budget) to be an ”early on in my career” film (which it is not, Mr. Adrian Langley already has a few notched up).

It has its virtues in one of those films that gives all it can with what it has: some careful actors (not much more) a script with suspenseful surprises with all the Hitchcockian resources that can (and should) be borrowed and with all the strength and commitment that these films have that are not aiming to be blockbusters and were not born for it but that, thanks to their determination, make us have a good time.

He manages to do more with the editing than with the sets or the camera. It has no special aesthetic daring and we can already glimpse in the 40’s style credits that it is classic cinema and that this is not going for the Lars von Trier side of life.

It achieves the necessary tension, sometimes, not always.

A film that is, unfortunately for its makers, too quickly forgotten.

Made with the strength of faith in cinema, that certainly.

Movie Trailer

Bunker (2022)

Movie title: Bunker

Movie description: Trapped in a bunker during World War I, a group of soldiers are faced with an ungodly presence that slowly turns them against each other.

Director(s): Adrian Langley

Writer(s): Michael Huntsman

Cinematography: Matthew Quinn

Music: Andrew Morgan Smith

Actor(s): Eddie Ramos, Luke Baines, Julian Feder, Patrick Moltane, Sean Cullen, Roger Clark, Kayla Radomski, Kevin Tanski

Genre: Terror, Thriller

Companies: Crossroad Productions, Buffalo FilmWorks, Blue Fox Entertainment

Our Opinion

It achieves the necessary tension, sometimes, not always.


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