‘Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks’ (2023): A Netflix Stand-Up With Good Vibes

Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks
Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks

Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks is a Netflix stand-up comedy special directed by Catherine Vanderwolf with the great Celeste Barber.

After the success of Wellmania, we see again the charming and wonderful Celeste Barber, this time from the Sydney Opera House, with a devoted audience, with her shorts and, above all, with that naturalness that has conquered thousands of people in Australia and which now, thanks to Netflix, we can enjoy twice over.

If you know her or if you are already fans, you know she is a sweetheart who knows how to find the middle ground between the daring and the inappropriate with a humor that is familiar and at the same time eccentric, always natural, and always “good-vibed”.

A humorist who has accomplished how to “accept herself” in a way that has dazzled many and that, with her good vibes, has made her a star of the small screen.

Do not miss either her series or this stand-up that comes to us today and which promises, no less than to make us spend a very pleasant time full of good moments with this woman who, above all, transmits energy, joy and a zest for life.

A real gift.

Release Date

April 12, 2023

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About Celeste Barber

In a world where social media often promotes unrealistic beauty standards and perfection, Celeste Barber has carved out a unique space for herself as the hilarious and relatable queen of comedy. With her razor-sharp wit and impeccable timing, Barber has gained a massive following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she recreates and parodies celebrity photos in a way that resonates with millions. In this article, we’ll delve into Celeste Barber’s rise to fame, her impact on body positivity, and her contributions to the world of comedy. More

Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks
Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks

Movie title: Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks

Movie description: Actor and comedian Celeste Barber takes the stage in Sydney to get personal in public about marriage, mental health, celebrity-branded sex toys and more.

Date published: April 10, 2023

Country: Australia

Director(s): Catherine Vanderwolf

Actor(s): Celeste Barber

Genre: Comedy stand-up

Companies: Netflix

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