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Though the metaverse is not yet a fully realized idea, it’s almost entirely unlikely that it won’t become a real part of our everyday lives at some point in the future. The concept of the metaverse is (currently) a hypothetical version of the internet as a place more than a thing to be used. In this place, we would shop, interact, sit in lectures, go to concerts, play video poker, have coffee with our friends, and go on dates… the possibilities are endless. The user would enter this futuristic place using VR headsets and, in the very near future, gloves, booties, and bodysuits equipped with sensors that read the movements of your body and allow you to appear in the virtual reality of the metaverse. AR technology will eventually bring the metaverse into your space rather than you stepping into it.

In this world, none of the laws of physics will apply. We will be able to fly like Superman, take on armies of night beasts like Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, perform incredible feats of sportsmanship likely skiing down Black Diamond, live underwater without needing to breathe through gills and travel through space without ever needing to leave our homes. The concept of the metaverse will take gaming to a completely different level, and we’ll become more fully immersed in game worlds and online activities than ever before. Let’s say you want to spend some time at a metaverse casino for a little online roulette. You’ll be able to sit down at a table full of strangers like you would in real life, hear the clamor of the room and the ball spinning and hopefully win the game. It’ll be an experience rather than just something you see on a screen!

There are a number of metaverse games that have already been released and are loads of fun to play. They’ll be at their best when the metaverse is fully realized, with more gear becoming more readily accessible to the public, but we thought we’d share them now just to give you a head start! Here they are.

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Metaverse Games

Axie Infinity

This game has been with us for a while already and is a firm favorite for many gamers all over the world. This Vietnamese game was inspired by Pokemon, and the Axies are handled in more or less the same way. Your aim is to capture and breed these adorable little beasties, and they’re incredibly customizable to boot. You can have your Axies hunt for hidden treasures or compete against other Axies to win prizes. You’ll have a certificate of ownership for each Axie, and their financial value will lie in NFTs and be kept safe by blockchain technology.


Initially launched back in 2012 as a mobile title, Sandbox is a user-generated world where the users in the game claim ownership of whatever they create. The game is modeled in the style of Minecraft, and there are three main tools you can use within the game essentially to create your own world. There’s a 3D modeler that you can use to create an avatar, pets, plants, tools to work with, and a number of other things. You can move these creations over to the game’s second major tool, the marketplace, and sell them to other players. The last part of the package is the built-in game-maker that users can utilize to create games without needing to know how to code. It’s an entire world designed entirely by you and your friends; what more could any gamer ask for?

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Chain of Alliance

If RPGs are more your speed, why not try Chain of Alliance? In this animated fantasy game, you enter a world full of completely customizable monsters, each of which has its own unique NFT value. Each round of the game has up to eight creatures per team. If you want to raise your chances of winning, you’ll need to apply a little bit of strategy to figure out which players will work best together and arm them with the weapons that will make the most sense.

Online Poker

Imagine being able to play poker with yout fiends but still be by yourself in your apartment! Playing online casino games in the metaverse is going to be a whole new ball game, literally in the case of roulette! Online poker is such fun to play already, so just imaging how the metaverse is going to add to the enjoyment. You’ll be able to “sit” at a table with your friends avatars and probably (one day) be able to feel like you’re actually rubbing shoulders with them even though you may all be miles apart.


In this exciting puzzler, you play as a space explorer called Captain Nova Dune. You’re heading toward the planet Krystopia because you noticed a mysterious distress signal emanating from an unknown source on its surface. You and the alien pet you call Skrii will meet all the inhabitants of the new planet and have to get yourselves out of escape room-like situations and solve puzzles to continue on your way.

Wrap Up

Can you imagine how much fun it will be playing these games in the metaverse? We just can’t wait to try them all.

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