In Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew
In Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

‘In Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew’ undead pirates are actually the good guys

Today, we’re sharing our latest Dev Diary blog post for Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew with you!

In our new Dev Diary blog post, we take you behind the development and tell you a bit more about how we created a whole cursed crew (talking ghost ship included) full of characters with their compelling designs, magical abilities and personalities.

Our artists and writers at Mimimi Games explain how they brought very unlikely heroes together and shaped an exciting pirate adventure around them.

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What is Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew?

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is a new Stealth Strategy game developed by Mimimi Games, the creators of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Desperados III. That’s us. 🙂

This time, we’re not only self-publishing but we’re also pushing the Stealth Strategy genre to the next level by introducing magic and supernatural elements, enhanced player freedom with a more open game structure as well as other exciting new features. 

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is set in the Lost Caribbean during an alternate history of the Golden Age of Piracy. Join the Red Marley, a ghost ship with a living soul, and assemble a cursed pirate crew. Embrace supernatural powers to defy the menacing army of the Inquisition, who stands between you and the mysterious treasure of the legendary Captain Mordechai.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is releasing in 2023. It will be available on SteamEpic Games StoreXbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

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