John Mulaney: Baby J
John Mulaney: Baby J

‘John Mulaney: Baby J’ (2023). Stand-Up Comedy Special on Netflix

A very up to date “retro” show

John Mulaney: Baby J is a stand-up comedy special starring the always brilliant John Mulaney.

A nice guy this John Mulaney, who starts by saying what no one says in a stand-up, who loves to be the center of attention. With his purple suit and his stories, Mulaney will give us almost an hour and a half of anecdotes, good acting, irony and, above all, intelligence and classic stand-up flavor.

This Baby J has a lot of special things, from his 50’s show style photography, looking rather like a nice Instagram filter, to its reflection on space and time in a show that knows how to play with, precisely, this irony.

An hour and a half to enjoy and forget about everything in the very good company of this guy who, from the first moment, knows how to connect with his audience and, thanks to his intelligent sense of humor, we are sure that he will make you burst with laughter.


Release Date

April 25, 2023

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The Star: John Mulaney

John Mulaney
John Mulaney Depostiphotos

Mulaney was born and raised in a Catholic family in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. He is the third of five children and is of Irish and German descent. His father, Charles Mulaney Jr., is a lawyer, while his mother, Ellen, is a professor. Mulaney attended St. Clement School for elementary and middle school and later graduated from St. Ignatius College Prep in 2000. More

John Mulaney: Baby J
John Mulaney: Baby J

Movie title: John Mulaney: Baby J

Movie description: A chaotic intervention. An action packed stay in rehab. After a weird couple of years, John Mulaney comes out swinging is his return to the stage.

Date published: April 23, 2023

Country: United States

Duration: 80 mins

Director(s): Alex Timbers

Actor(s): John Mulaney

Genre: Comedia Stand-Up

Companies: Netflix

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3.1 (812 votes)

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