Obsession netflix series
Obsession (2022)

‘Obsession’ (2023). A Netflix series with the flavor of a novel and a dark thriller

Obsession is a series starring Indira Varma and Charlie Murphy. It is based on the novel by Josephine Hart.

A dark-looking, good thriller story that, pretending to look daring, doesn’t take too many risks after all. However, it knows how to play the dark thriller at times (not always) and, in its irregularity, serves as a good piece of entertainment for fans of the genre.

About the Series

There are times when, on a blind date or in a movie, you have to know what you want and where you’re going. In other words, be clear about things. Obsession is a British series that, almost like a TV movie, pretends to go to the dark side of life, deep down, like in a Lou Reed-style but unwillingly to look at the David Lynch-side of things.

Woven with a deep moralistic tone, it is a film that tries to comply with the parameters of Josephine Hart’s novel verbatim, telling that good story in its most British aspect. As a cinematic contribution, there’ little to say regarding narrative, plot twists, script, or aesthetics: a good production that gradually fizzles out in its slow pace that begged for a more ambitious hectic tempo than the novel.

That’s why they call it an adaptation.

The good thing: it will please the audience of this kind of thrillers. It doesn’t gamble the acceptance of the public and, if you have not seen too much cinema or the classics like Body Heat (1981) or Double Indemnity (1944), the film will meet expectations, without dazzling, but without squeaking too much in anything.

If you are expecting an epoch-making story, no, this series was not created to break the rules of the genre or to shock our mental schemes.

Enjoy it.

Release Date

April 13, 2023

Where to Watch Obsession


The Cast

Richard Armitage / William
Charlie Murphy / Anna Barton
Indira Varma

Rish Shah / Martyn
Obsession netflix series

Name: Obsession

Description: A respected London surgeon's affair with his son's fiancée turns into an erotic infatuation that threatens to change their lives forever.

Seasons: 1

Country: United Kingdom

Director(s): Lisa Barros D'Sa, Glenn Leyburn

Writer(s): Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Benji Walters

Cinematography: Piers McGrail

Genre: Thriller

Actor(s): Indira Varma, Charlie Murphy, Richard Armitage, Rish Shah, Pippa Bennett-Warner

Companies: Gaumont UK, Gaumont, Moonage Pictures, Netflix

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