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Oh Belinda (2023)

‘Oh Belinda’ (2023). Movie on Netflix. Review: a light comedy for Neslihan Atagül

A film that aims to turn its protagonist into an icon, we'll see how that goes.


Oh Belinda is a Turkish comedy film directed by Deniz Yorulmazer and starring Neslihan Atagül and Serkan Çayoglu.

A film that doesn’t get beyond being pleasant, and which it’s impossible to talk about without mentioning the protagonist’s beauty.

It must be because it’s spring, or simply because the film isn’t too giving in terms of its cinematic virtues.

It must be because it’s spring, then.

Movie Review

Neslihan Atagül is very beautiful and Serkan Çayogluel is very handsome, and he is also her partner in the parallel reality.

It has a couple of very nice dreamlike scenes and then, takes full advantage of the protagonist’s attraction factor because, in terms of script, the film is not much more than anecdotal and could well have been limited to being a short film of the kind that have an ephemeral script – because in five minutes of footage, you don’t have the time to develop War and Peace.

The opposite happens here: this vignette about the shampoo and the peppers doesn’t seem enough to pad out the film. It is filled with irony and a good performance by Beril Pozam, who plays a “normal” person in the other parallel reality.

Commercial, another Turkish film that, without going down in history, serves to fatten the figures of a thriving and enviable Turkish film industry which proves that with small (and many) forgettable productions, you can build, piece by piece, a whole network and make its cinema something global.

Ah Belinda has all this: it is a film more for the industry than a film that stands out on its own: it is a funny film, but anecdotal. It wants to turn its protagonist, Neslihan Atagül, into something of an icon. She does it well, she knows how to act and she doesn’t just show off her beauty, but the film doesn’t have a strong dramatic background and its comic scenes don’t shine too much.

It gets a bit stuck at a level of potential that, because of its commercial script, does not want to go further or become a more “loutish” film that could have been much more interesting.

But that’s wishful thinking, because what we have is a more or less entertaining film that, without being hilarious, is light and just about watchable.

Release Date

April 7, 2023

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Deniz Yorulmazer

Deniz Yorulmazer

The Cast

Neslihan Atagül / Dilara/Handan
Necip Memili / Necati

Serkan Çayoğlu / Serkan
Oh Belinda (2023)
Ah Belinda Netflix

Movie title: Aaahh Belinda

Movie description: A young actor's perfect life takes a madcap turn when she agrees to star in a commercial — and suddenly gets transported to her character's world.

Date published: April 4, 2023

Country: Turkey

Duration: 1h 37m

Director(s): Deniz Yorulmazer

Writer(s): Hakan Bonomo

Music: Hasan Özsut

Actor(s): Neslihan Atagül, Serkan Çayoglu, Beril Pozam, Necip Mémili, Anil Celik, Gamze Karaduman, Efe Tuncer

Genre: Comedy

Companies: Imágenes OGM, Netflix

Our Opinion

More or less entertaining film that, without being hilarious, is light and just about watchable.


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